Woman flies to Milan for just £10 and shares her secret travel tips

A bargain-hunting foodie treated herself to a real Italian lunch – flying to Milan for a bowl of pasta. Sabrina Khaloon, 26, wanted to treat herself to a special lunch, so she flew halfway across the continent – and managed to pay just £10 for the journey.

Sabrina, an account manager, reveals her savvy travel tips to make sure your midday delicacy doesn’t break the bank. After craving some real Italian food, Sabrina decided to head to the pasta capital and book a cheap flight to Milan to experience the best penne.

Documenting her trip, Sabrina only went for the day, meaning she only needed her handbag and sunglasses with her. Claiming she has expensive tastes and a tight budget, Sabrina knows how to get the most out of life.

Sabrina explains: “It costs £10 to go to Covent Garden, so I thought I might as well pay £10 to go to Milan. Why buy pizza or pasta in London when you can visit Italy and get the real thing much cheaper too.

“Because I was only going for the day, I didn’t need to pay for luggage, I just brought my purse. I really enjoyed the food while I was there , I had pizza, pasta, gelato and tiramisu.

“People consider leaving the country a big deal, but it was like taking the tube to Covent Garden, it was so easy. If you look for the right flights and know where to look, you’ll always find the best deals .

“I knew Milan had regular flights to London so I knew I could do it in a day. I just wanted some good pasta.”

Claiming she gets her savings from her mother, Sabrina has a travel list of places she wants to visit next, and always updates her social media accounts with the best flight deals she finds. Sabrina adds: “I always post videos about the best flights, how much they cost and where to find them.

“I show how easy it is to live a life of luxury on a budget, I want to live a full life experience and I know how to do it on a budget. My mother always had a heart for us to travel, her priority when i was younger was to travel and for me to live as much as possible. she was always good at looking at the best deals on flights and hotels, so i get that from her. that’s something i will always remember.

“You can have great life experiences without being a millionaire and I show people how. I regularly watch flights on the sky scanner and do my research on days to book and fly.

“Tuesday nights are usually the cheapest times to book flights and I share all my tips online. I definitely have the travel bug and will definitely be taking more day trips soon.”

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