Wolves in the Throne Room launch hypnotic new black metal song

Washington-based black metal band Wolves in the Throne Room is set to release their seventh album, Primordial Arcana, on August 20 and have just released a music video for the opening track, “Mountain Magick”.

This is the band’s first new record since 2017 Three times woven, which marked a return to their black metal foundation after branching out with a unique ambient record, Celestite, three years ago.

On “Mountain Magick”, the wolves in the throne room take a similar path as before, but weave in the cinematic elements of Celestite more consistently. Without even eclipsing the six-minute mark, the Cascadian black metal band released a remarkably epic debut album, which spans multiple peaks and valleys, much like the landscape they traverse in the woody music video.

“’Mountain Magick’ was shot in the northern part of the Olympic Mountains and the ancient forests that envelop the foothills. We wrote the story, created the costumes, shot the footage and edited it ourselves, so it’s a true product of our hearts and souls. Creating our own videos has been a long-held dream and now it’s very exciting to bring these visions into the cinematic realm, ”the group said.

Watch the video towards the bottom of the page where you will also find the illustration and the track list of the new recording.

Primordial Arcana was produced entirely in-house by Wolves of the Throne Room, who recorded, produced and mixed the record at their own Owl Lodge studios in Washington. The album will be released via Relapse Records in North America and Century Media in Europe with a variety of formats and limited editions available through the Relapse store and Wolves in the Throne Room.

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Wolves in the Throne Room, lyrics to “Moutain Magick”

Enthroned in our old mountain rooms
Incantations in the night
Take refuge within our walls

Travel beyond the borders of men
Drink the rain
Go through the doors
From our shadow moon realm

Contemplate our altars
Deep underground
Where the sun never showed
Throne of earth, crown of stone

Eternal sleep with the earth
Primordial tomb
Chamber of Darkness
Hair turns into mycelium
From blood to sap
From flesh to ore

From bone to quartz
Golden eyes

Wolves in the Throne Room, “Mountain Magick” Music Video

Wolves in the throne room, Primordial Arcana Album cover + track list

01. “Magic of the mountains”
02. “Lightning Spirit”
03. “Across the Eternal Fields”
04. “Primal Cham (Gift of Fire)”
05. “An Aurora Underworld”
06. “Masters of rain and storm”
07. “Eostre”
08. “Skyclad Passage” (Bonus Track)

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