Where to find the cheapest pint at Newcastle Airport before you fly

For some people, having a pre-flight pint at the airport is as much a part of vacation as going to the beach or sampling the local cuisine.

However, getting a drink at the airport will probably cost you a bit more than at your local one – it’s not like you have nowhere to go! There are four airside bars at Newcastle International – Quaystone Bar and Kitchen, The Beer House, Bar 11 and Cabin Bar.

There’s also the Aspire Lounge, which serves complementary food and drink — but you have to pay a fee to enter. There’s a bit of variation in what’s on offer at each bar and in individual prices, so here’s a quick guide to your airport pint.

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Cheapest pint at Newcastle airport

Quaystone Bar and Kitchen has the cheapest pints at Newcastle Airport, from £5.45

You’ll find the cheapest pint at Newcastle Airport at the Quaystone Bar and Kitchen. A pint of Amstel will set you back £5.45 with a half at £2.99, while a Heineken is £5.99 or £3.55 for a half.

For those who prefer cider, it’s £6.39 for a pint of Orchard Thieves and £3.40 for a half. There’s also a range of bottled ales, including Budweiser, Peroni, Desperados and Newcastle Brown Ale, from £5.49.

Largest beer selection at Newcastle Airport

Airport pints are as much a part of a vacation as going to the beach for some

While you’ll find the cheapest beer at the Quaystone Bar and Kitchen, there’s more choice at the bar next door – The Beer House (as you’d probably expect from its name). It’s a bit more expensive than Quaystone, again with the cheapest pint Amstel again being 4p more expensive, while Heineken and Orchard Thieves cost the same.

Those heading to Milan or Rome might want to start their holiday with a Moretti, which costs £3.99 for a half or £7.29 for a pint, and those heading to the Balearic or Canary Islands might opt ​​for a slightly cheaper San Miguel at £6.99 a pint (£3.99 half). There’s a premium lager – Camden Hells – also available at £6.99.

Non-lager drinkers can also get Guinness (£3.75 half, £6.29 a pint), Doom Bar Ale (£3.39 half, £5.99 a pint) Maltsmiths IPA ( £3.99 half, £7.29 a pint) or Strongbow Dark Fruit (£3.89 half, £6.99 a pint). If you prefer a bottled beer, there’s Corona, Desperados, Budweiser, Doom Bar, Newcastle Brown Ale and Peroni – with Corona and Budweiser from £5.79.

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Best place to eat and a pint at Newcastle airport

Newcastle International Airport
Newcastle International Airport

If you don’t want to drink on an empty stomach, go to Bar 11 which offers a well-stocked menu in addition to its range of beers. There are burgers, all day breakfasts, sandwiches, small plates and sharing dishes as well as traditional dishes that will fill your stomach before your flight.

Beer prices are similar to the other two bars, again with the cheapest beer Amstel (£2.99 half, £5.59 a pint), followed by Heineken (£3.69 half, £5.99 a pint). Unlike Quaystone and Beer House, Bar 11 has Stella Artois (£3.69 half, £6.29 a pint).

Other beers on offer include Birra Moretti (£3.70 half, £6.99 a pint), Maltsmiths American IPA (£3.79 half, £6.99 a pint) and San Miguel (3.69 £ half, £6.99 a pint). There is also a selection of bottled beers from £5.79, with many of the same beers as Beer House plus Singapore Tiger lager.

And if you don’t want to miss a pre-flight beer tradition but can’t stand having a beer at 5am (like me), you can always order a bottle of Heineken Zero for the lower price of 4 £.49.

All bars at Newcastle Airport have a QR code ordering system. Prices are correct as of Saturday, April 16, 2022.

The bar in the cabin is not included as it was not open at the time of our visit – between 4am and 5:30am.

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