Wakefield’s struggling family are devastated after cruel thieves stole a van they lovingly converted for a cheap holiday

A dad says he feels empty after thieves stole his family motorhome he had invested thousands of pounds in – just months after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Sam Grint, 33, HGV driver from Lupset, near Wakefieldwas awakened by her neighbor at 3:45 a.m. on Wednesday April 27 after seeing two individuals steal the van. Sam originally bought the van in February 2021 to use to take his family on vacation, six months before he was diagnosed with cancer.

“I bought [the van] to build an RV to take my kids on vacation, we are a low income family and we can’t afford to go overseas for a fancy vacation,” Sam said. money every week to refurbish the van and spent the weekends working on it with his family.

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Sam’s eldest daughter, eight-year-old Emily Rose, helped him with the job and the whole family was looking forward to going on vacation in the van. He said: “My eldest daughter helped paint, sand, seal etc. daddy’s girl time. My kids are devastated, still a week later asking when the naughty gentleman is going to bring our motorhome back .

“We were planning to try driving in France and Spain later this year as none of my family has ever been out of the country. My kids and I are mortified. It wasn’t just a van , it was our inexpensive family van for weekend adventures.”

Sam’s daughters Emily Rose, 8, Skyler Grace, 4, and Alicia Mai, 3, have fun in their family’s motorhome

And Sam is also in dire financial straits, as his insurance payment will be less than he expected. He said: “My insurance will pay the bare minimum of around £3,000 but I probably spent £10,000 on this van. I don’t have that kind of money, I built it using this that I was able to spare each week.”

Sam has since created a GoFundMe page to help him get another van and fulfill his promise to drive his family to Spain. He said: “I don’t want to be a charity but in the end they stole my children’s holiday and we are all devastated.

Sam Grint's black van was stolen outside his home in Wakefield
Sam Grint’s black van was stolen outside his home in Wakefield

“I’m campaigning to cover personal effects that were in the van. My insurance won’t cover (things) like laptops, tablets, clothes, shoes, coats for the kids that were in the van because it was ready to go for the bank holiday weekend.All that’s left will be taking my kids on vacation and starting a new van build.

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