Urgent action needed to reach 60% vaccination target by Thursday

NMED News:

The New Mexico Department of the Environment (NMED) released the following information this morning:

We are pleased to report that 57.9% of New Mexicans aged 16 and over have completed their COVID-19 vaccination. This is a tremendous accomplishment – and part of the reason New Mexico recently moved all counties to the Turquoise level.

By June 17, we aim to reach 60% of New Mexicans aged at least who have completed their vaccinations. Achieving this goal will allow our state to exit the Red-Yellow-Green-Turquoise system and reopen economically on July 1.

As of June 14, New Mexico was only 36,805 doses away from reaching that target.

COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and free, and you do not need to show proof of insurance or residency to receive the vaccine.

State health officials have scheduled numerous immunization events statewide to help achieve this goal. Click here or call 1-855-600-3453 (press 1 for English and 3 for Spanish) to schedule your vaccine today. Seniors and people with disabilities can also call 1-800-432-2080 for help with registration and planning. Planning is recommended but not required for any of these events.

As an added incentive, anyone who receives either the booster vaccine or the Johnson & Johnson vaccine by June 17 will receive $ 100.

For the $ 100 incentive, New Mexicans must provide proof of residency (for example, an ID card, check stub, or utility bill). Those who receive a second Pfizer or Moderna vaccine must provide a vaccination card proving that they received a primary vaccine and that they received their booster on the applicable day in an eligible location.

Recipients of the $ 100 incentive are solely responsible for all taxes. New Mexicans will receive $ 100 on site or at their home.

For vaccine-eligible New Mexicans who are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must be present to qualify for the $ 100.

All New Mexicans who received at least one photo are also eligible for the Vax 2 the Max sweepstakes, which includes a total of $ 10 million in cash prizes and other rewards. On June 18, New Mexico will have its first draws – four prizes of $ 250,000 each. New Mexicans who wish to participate can register at vax2themaxNM.org.

New Mexicans who have completed their immunization round will be eligible for the $ 5 million grand prize draw in early August.

Let’s unite, achieve our goal – and then celebrate together!


New Mexico Department of the Environment

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