UK government still ‘identifies’ Holyhead customs site for already delayed post-Brexit checks

The UK government has said it is “currently identifying” a suitable location for a customs facility near the port of Holyhead for already delayed checks on EU traffic.

Exports to the EU from Britain have been subject to controls since January 1, but the UK government has decided to take a phased approach to EU imports in order to give carriers and businesses more time to adapt.

The checks were to be phased in from April 1 and July 1, but the UK government has been told the network of border posts will not be built in time – and at Holyhead, they are still finalizing the site location.

The Welsh government is responsible for the new post-Brexit controls on goods such as animals, plants and animal products entering Wales from the Republic of Ireland.

They announced that Parcel 9 of Cybi Park has been chosen as the site for this border post and are rapidly planning under a special development order.

HMRC needs land nearby to handle customs and controls, which are the responsibility of the UK government.

The British government has criticized the pandemic for pushing back the deadline for starting checks on EU traffic.

A spokesperson for HMRC said: “HMRC is committed to providing a facility to support the Port of Holyhead and is currently identifying a suitable location close to the Welsh Government facility which will support a streamlined customer journey.”

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