TUI launches £ 20 Covid tests for holidaymakers heading to Green List countries

TUI launched £ 20 Covid test packages for Britons returning from Green List countries this summer.

The green list is due to be announced tomorrow, which will allow travel without quarantine from May 17.


TUI launched £ 20 Covid test kits for green holidayCredit: Alamy

While Britons don’t have to self-isolate, returning holidaymakers will still need a pre-departure test on their return to the UK and a PCR test on day two.

TUI, which has partnered with government-authorized Chronomics suppliers, will offer both a pre-departure lateral flow test and a PCR test for £ 20, for Brits returning from Green List countries.

Customers will be able to order tests on a new Chronomics and TUI booking center, which starts on May 10, one hour after booking their vacation and can enter their booking reference, departure date and country of travel to access the site.

Although not yet announced, destinations on the green list are expected to include Portugal, the vacation hotspot, as well as Malta, Gibraltar, Iceland and Israel.

Popular vacation spots such as Spain, Greece and Italy are expected to be on the UK’s amber list, which will require a 10-day home quarantine and two PCR tests.

However, TUI has also launched an orange test set, costing £ 50, and includes a lateral flow test and two PCR tests which must be performed on day 2 and 8 upon their return to the UK.

The tour operator is also offering two packages that include outbound PCR testing if the destination requires it, costing £ 60 for green kits and £ 90 for orange kits.

The tour operator launched the bargain kits ahead of the announcement


The tour operator launched the bargain kits ahead of the announcement
Only destinations on the Allow List do not require quarantine


Only destinations on the Allow List do not require quarantine
Most of Europe should not be on the green list from May 17


Most of Europe should not be on the green list from May 17

Both packages are expected to save UK families hundreds, as PCR tests can cost up to £ 120 per person.

Andrew Flintham, Managing Director of TUI UK & Ireland, said: “We have always believed that cost-effective testing solutions, along with maximum flexibility, will make travel possible this summer and beyond.

“Our research showed that customers eagerly await their much-needed vacation abroad, but affordable and easy testing solutions were imperative to make it a reality.

“The four new exclusive trial packages have been developed with our customers in mind; they are offered at greatly reduced prices, include certification to travel and will be a straightforward process from start to finish.”

He added that passengers can also get a refund of the difference if they buy an orange kit, only for the country to be added to the green list.

TUI passengers who need to travel before the end of August can change their vacation for free up to 14 days before departure.

Their free Covid protection program covers any additional costs due to Covid that are not covered by travel insurance.

Britons could even receive free Covid test kits to take on vacation with them, as part of a new program being discussed by the government.

Here are some of the other airlines and tour operators offering discounted Covid test packages.

Which? warned that the Covid testing system could even collapse when mass holidays restart due to demand.

Brits to be offered two free Covid tests per week as one-shot jab looks set to save overseas holidays

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