Tubi has great animated horror movies for Halloween

Since its acquisition by the Fox Company, tube started to get more and more attention over the months. From originally hosting obscure movies and shows to producing its own originals, the ad-supported service has slowly carved out its own niche in the competitive streaming market. While it may take a little longer for the service to reach a wider audience, those who have used Tubi can attest to their wide selection of varied titles, no doubt bolstered by the Fox acquisition. Who would have thought that you could watch The A-team and Alien vs Predator in one place?

However, as Halloween begins to creep in, Tubi’s greatest strength remains unchanged – its vast library of horror titles, good and bad. If you’re a horror buff, chances are you’ve already seen a significant portion of what Tubi has to offer. However, if you’re ready to branch out into the world of animation, you might find a thing or two you’ve never seen before. Here are some of the best anime horror movies Tubi has to offer.


Until your last death is an unexpected horror

Successful crowdfunding in 2016 under the name Malicious by Dread Central, this comic-style film combines elaborate death traps, cosmic horror, and a struggle for survival in a monolithic metropolitan complex. A young woman named Miriam is the sole survivor after the vicious murder of her siblings – until a being known as “Gamemaster” allows her to relive that horrific night with foreknowledge of what is to come. to arrive. Maybe she’ll get a second chance to get it right, or maybe it’s all in her head. Maybe “Gamemaster” has ulterior motives.

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Featuring a surprisingly high-profile cast, including William Shatner and horror legend Bill Moseley, Until your last death is an interesting fusion of multiple ideas brought to life by macabre visuals. With the involvement of forces that can manipulate reality at will, the story veers off and bends into several unexpected turns, keeping you on your toes as Miriam tangles with virtually any horrific storyline her situation can throw at her.

Chances are you are familiar with the works of Edgar Allen Poe. Extraordinary Tales is an animated anthology that adapts five of its most reverent short stories, including classics like “The Telltale Heart” and “The Masque of Red Death,” with a unique art style for each segment. Each story also has its own unique narrator who recites Poe’s accompanying prose, including celebrities like Guillermo del Toro, Bela Lugosi, and Christopher Lee.

Each segment brings its own feast for the eyes. “The Telltale Heart” is told in a visually striking black and white style that uses brilliant use of shadows and silhouettes. “The Facts of the Mr. Valdemar Case” is staged in a cross-hatched comic style. Even “The Masque of Red Death” features a beautiful style reminiscent of acrylic paintings, giving the world a colorful pop in contrast to the terror of the story.

While Poe’s adaptations are numerous, Extraordinary Tales is a standout example of how animation can capture its words into something beautifully abstract and unnerving.

Dead Space: Downfall is a fun couple with the game

With the highly anticipated dead space remake will be released soon, there’s no better time to revisit the animated prequel to the Dead Space: Fall series. The film was part of a multimedia promotional campaign for the series, coinciding with other Electronic Arts projects, according to Animation World Network.

In the distant future, the crew of the USG Ishimura spacecraft and a local mining colony discover the presence of an alien artifact on the planet Aegis VII. Shortly after, strange events begin to occur. People are starting to lose sleep, some are starting to hear things, and bodies are starting to pile up in the dark corners of the settlement. A security team begins to investigate, unearthing a horror that can melt minds – and bodies.

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Directly inspired by Extraterrestrial and The thingthis film is produced by the prolific studio Film Roman, which provided the animation for a majority of The simpsons and King of the hill. Unlike those brightly colored comedies, however, Dead Space: Fall is an incredibly dark and bloody trek through the bowels of the Ishimura. It’s a simple slaughter fest that features some truly grotesque creature designs and standout performances from Nika Futterman, Kevin Michael Richardson, and Jim Cummings. Don’t expect a happy ending.

Seoul Station is a must for Train to Busan fans

An animated accompanying piece for Train to Busan, this captivating film is set in modern-day South Korea. We follow three different characters – Suk-gyu, Hye-sun and Ki-woong – as they struggle for survival during the onset of a violent zombie apocalypse. Zombie movies cost a dime, but kinda like Train to Busan, he uses zombies as a way to analyze the real social issues currently plaguing South Korea. In this case, each of the film’s main characters represents how those from lower social classes struggle in impossible situations, with their class having a direct impact on how they are treated.

The film’s director, Yeon Sang-ho, made his animation debut. Originally directing films like The king of pigs and The fake before jumping into live action with Train to Busan, his animated works are infamous for their adult themes and relentless cruelty. Because of this, the visuals here are downright nasty at times, highlighting the ferocity of the zombies present as they gnaw at their victims. Not only that, the movie quite possibly features one of the most heartbreaking plot twists in recent horror history, meaning it’ll grab your attention for its entire 92-minute runtime.

There’s a lot to see on Tubi, and given that you don’t even need an account to use it, you can find these and a plethora of other spinning titles whenever you want.

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