Travel News – Live: Latest Green List Updates As Jamaica Planned To Go Red, Turkey Amber

Simon Calder, The independents travel correspondent, spoke to readers this afternoon about possible movements on the UK’s Green, Red and Amber lists, at an online event ahead of the next travel rules update.

Some experts have predicted Jamaica may move from Amber List to Red List in this week’s review of the traffic light system.

Data analyst Tim White, who has closely followed case numbers in destinations around the world, tweeted:

“The rate of positive tests in Jamaica is now 32.4%. Yesterday it was even higher at 49%… It’s really hard to champion Jamaica’s cause by avoiding the red now. “

Writing in a traffic light prediction and data analysis mega-thread, White had better news for vacationers with their eyes on Turkey.

Given Turkey’s “increased vaccination rates, resort safety measures and now genomic sequencing,” White said, he predicts she will move to the Amber List.

In his Q&A live with Independent readers, Simon Calder gave Turkey a “50/50 chance” to turn orange in this week’s review.

Follow live travel updates below:


Gatwick unveils plans for second runway

Gatwick, the hardest hit of all major UK airports by the coronavirus pandemic, is moving forward with plans for a second runway.

The airport plans to move the current back-up runway 12 meters north, providing sufficient separation from the main runway to allow take-off of medium-sized passenger planes such as the easyJet Airbus A320s and Ryanair Boeing 737.

Gatwick Managing Director Stewart Wingate estimates that with a second runway in place, Gatwick could handle up to 75 million passengers per year by 2038 – nearly the 81 million achieved by Heathrow in its peak year of 2019.

But opponents of the Gatwick proposals say they are “flying in the face of the climate emergency”.

Simon calderAugust 25, 2021 3:52 PM


World Travel & Tourism Council urges U.S. government to approve AstraZeneca for transatlantic travelers

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has called on the US government to urgently speed up approval of the AstraZeneca vaccine to help restore vital transatlantic travel.

The vaccine developed by the University of Oxford is currently unrecognized in the United States, which means that many British travelers who have received the vaccine will not be able to enter the United States once travel is resumed.

The WTTC says the failed vaccine approval will continue to have severe ripple effects on the tourism industry on both sides of the Atlantic.

“It is crucial that the US authorities move forward to officially approve the AstraZeneca vaccine as a matter of urgency, to allow cross-border mobility and the return of transatlantic travel between the UK and the US,” said Virginia Messina, vice -Senior President of the WTTC.

Lucy thackrayAugust 25, 2021 3:18 PM


Balearic Islands offer travelers free travel insurance until end of 2021

The Spanish Balearic Islands offer a free travel insurance offer for visitors to the islands, an agreement that is now extended until the end of 2021.

The Balearic Islands Tourism Agency (AETIB) initially implemented the free Covid-19 travel insurance offer to “restore travelers’ confidence and stimulate demand”, and the winter extension aims to include families wishing to travel during mid-October.

Holidays on the islands of Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera are all covered by the policy, provided that visitors stay in “any regulated accommodation”. Free telephone support in English is also available to reassure travelers.

The contract covers medical, surgical and hospitalization costs up to a ceiling of € 15,000, medical transport and repatriation costs, as well as the costs of extending the stay in regulated accommodation for the insured and his companions.

Lucy thackray25 August 2021 14:41


Back from Red List countries

When asked if it is possible to avoid the Red List quarantine by traveling via another country, Simon Calder replied that it is: if you stay in a country classified as amber or green for long enough. time, you lose your status of “red list”.

The UK passenger trace form asks if you have been in a Red List country in the last 10 days, but nothing in the previous weeks, our travel correspondent said.

“As long as you do these accounts correctly, then yes you leave your country off the red list, you can go to any country that has you,” he said.

“You actually come back from there and go to the third country. Have a great vacation – Malta is a great place to vacation, Portugal is also quite cheap – and you just have to fly from there.

Lucy thackrayAugust 25, 2021 1:53 PM


Most countries don’t need Covid tests to enter, says Simon Calder

Simon Calder reminded travelers that it is not a general rule that travelers need a Covid test to leave the UK.

“There is so much nonsense online,” he said.

“Some countries will ask you for a test, especially if you haven’t been vaccinated, but most of them won’t,” he said.

Countries like Canada and Germany just want to know if you’ve been trapped, our travel correspondent said.

Lucy thackray25 August 2021 13:35


Chances of countries moving between lists between updates

A reader planning to visit Antigua asked what the odds were that countries could switch to a different travel list outside of the official three-week travel updates.

“It can happen,” replied Simon Calder.

He mentioned the sudden changes we’ve seen in the past, including the quarantine rules for travelers from Denmark last year.

But he told our reader that she probably had nothing to fear for Antigua.

“I would only be excited. I think the chances of that happening are getting lower and lower, ”he said.

Lucy thackrayAugust 25, 2021 13:27


Will traveling to the United States soon be possible?

“We are absolutely baffled,” said Simon Calder.

“The United States does not need international tourism on the same scale – certainly like southern Europe, arguably the United Kingdom also needs international tourism because it is a big, vast and wonderful country. . “

Our travel correspondent said he “sees no quick movement” regarding the reopening of transatlantic travel.

Zoe Tidman25 August 2021 13:20


What is likely to go on the green list?

Simon Calder guessed the question on everyone’s list: which countries are likely to be greenlisted?

He said Poland is likely to join the green list.

“Great country for holidays, a bit cold but still great opportunities along the Baltic Riviera and wonderful cities of course,” he said.

“But more specifically, families need to be able to reconnect.”

He also put Turkey on the 50/50 Orange List.

Zoe TidmanAugust 25, 2021 13:12


What are the chances of Spain being on the red list?

Simon Calder reassured holidaymakers wishing to travel to Spain.

He said there was very little chance that the popular tourist destination would be redlisted.

“Infection rates across Spain are dropping, there are no worrisome variants we need to be concerned about,” he said.

The current hotel quarantine system “simply could not cope with the last weekend of the August bank holiday” if it were redlisted, he added.

Zoe TidmanAugust 25, 2021 1:06 PM


Travel expert Simon Calder answers readers’ questions

Simon Calder, The independents travel expert, now answers our readers’ travel questions in an online event ahead of the government’s next update on traffic light listings.

If you haven’t been able to submit a question to us on time, please drop it in the comment box below and we’ll do our best to ask it.

If you haven’t signed up to watch the event on Zoom, don’t worry – we’ll provide live updates on his advice and answers here.

Zoe TidmanAugust 25, 2021 1:02 PM

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