These are the cheapest City Breaks for (almost) guaranteed sunshine

Booking a decent summer vacation can be tricky for two main reasons: A) everyone wants to go at the same time and B) prices are raised as much as expected. So… how do you know where is good, cheap and sunny all year round?

Well people from the accommodation company at the airport ParkSleepFly have done the hard work and figured out which city breaks come with (almost) guaranteed sunshine. They first took the number of hours of sunshine different holiday destinations around the world received each day and then combined that with the average cost of a double hotel room for one night.

So which city came out on top? That would be Tirana, the capital of Albania. It enjoys an average of 9.5 hours of sunshine per day and the average double hotel room costs £41 – meaning an hour of sunshine in the city costs just £4.34 (if you have the chance to avoid one of his very rare gray days).

Second place went to Denpasar, the capital of Bali, with 8.6 hours of sunshine a day and a double hotel room costing an average of just £43. Third is Johannesburg, South Africa, where the sun shines for an average of 9.1 hours a day and a typical double hotel room costs £54.

Want to know where else makes the list? Here’s the top 10 in full (along with the average cost of an hour of sunshine in the city):

1. Tirana, Albania – £4.34
2. Denpasar, Bali – £5.00
3. Johannesburg, South Africa – £5.91
4. Bucharest, Romania – £6.06
5. Nicosia, Cyprus – £7.20
6. Fresno, CA – £7.23
7. Cairo, Egypt – £7.53
8. Rhodes, Greece – £7.98
9. Panaji, Goa, India – £8.11
10. Phuket, Thailand – £8.15

Have you seen that Venice will only introduce its tourist tax in 2023?

Plus: Japan has now reopened its borders to international visitors.

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