The process won’t stop just because the games start

Jeff from Indian Lake, NY

Hey guys, I just finished watching Gutey’s presser. Is it safe to say that when Jenkins is cleared he will line up at RT? I love the sound of our top two linemen keeping the edges of the pocket clean for 12.

Hearing Gutekunst refer to David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins as “those two tackles” was not lost on any writer at that press conference.

Ann from Menomonee Falls, WI

Is there a specific coach who trains practice squad players to emulate the next team they face?

Quality control coaches do much of this scouting work, setting up plays/schemes for the scouting team to run on both sides of the ball during the week leading up to the game.

Craig from Mendota Heights, MN

The Vikes’ announcer and other fanatics on the circuit believe that ignoring (?) their new, improved (!) offense means a surprise for the pack and a certain victory. What you say?

They have to believe the Vikings know everything the Packers are going to execute in their new offense without Adams. I wish I could say the same.

Kenton from Rochester, MN

I had a chuckle at Spoff’s response to Mark about the health and availability of Bakhtiari, Jenkins and Tonyan. Although he pleaded ignorance, I can’t believe you have no idea what’s going on – but, as Packer employees, there are just some things you can’t. not or do not want to share publicly. Assuming I’m right, are the things you need to keep low mandated by management or are you just using your best judgment on what and what not to reveal?

Preventing management from knowing what I know comes first. Then the rest takes care of itself.

Gentlemen, does watching NFL games on mobile devices count for ratings? If so, the fact that the NFL quit on Labor Day weekend because of the ratings in 2004 might be a bit outdated. I loved when the NFL started on Labor Day. Most fans could watch the opening game and not have to worry about the next day’s work. Thanks!

Interesting thought, but on the other hand I think the league likes how the season now stretches further into January and February when more people are housebound and other sports don’t have not reached their convincing stages (March Madness, etc.).

Jordan from Virginia Beach, Virginia

I have noticed several players in the league running out of time due to an “undisclosed injury”. I guess if they are still injured when the official injury reports come out, the injury would be made public. Is it correct?

Israel from Centennial, CO

Mike from Green Bay had an interesting response to Mike from Somerset on Wednesday. While getting three more All-Pros is a lot to ask for, the amazing thing might be how many paths there are. Bakhtiari, Jenkins, Kenny Clark, Preston Smith, Rashan Gary, Jaire Alexander…they all played elite football and could have an All-Pro year. Others like Douglas aren’t far behind, and Stokes’ sophomore leap could be scary. Kudos to Gutey for putting together a dominant defense on paper; can’t wait to see him on the pitch.

Oh, I’m not denying that the possibilities exist, but it’s still a tall order when you look at the story. Only once since the Holmgren era have the Packers had more than four first- or second-team AP All-Pro selections in any given year. It came in 2020 with six (first teams Rodgers, Bakhtiari, Linsley, Adams, plus second teams Alexander, Z. Smith). So yeah, it happened recently, but I just recognized that long list as a rarity.

Around 32 teams, at this stage, believe they have “improved” since the end of last season. I’d love to get your perspective on a few emerging teams to watch as well as a few teams that have likely declined. Thanks!

Decline is very difficult to predict, as it is usually due to age and/or injury, the impacts of which are not obvious in advance. The teams on my most improved radar include the Lions, Eagles, Colts and Chargers.

I know at this stage it’s hard to say, but keeping the team healthy with such a goodbye at the end of the season worries me. What are your thoughts?

It’s the biggest unrelated challenge the 2022 schedule has put in front of the Packers. Take on this challenge and it just might make the team.

In the QOTD on a team band, 12 said it would be Provolone on guitar. Who’s the cheese on the team? I couldn’t choose it, or do we have unlisted participants?

It took me a few days but I got the answer from 12 himself, who confessed that it was a joke among the players. Provolone was a reference to former defensive lineman Willington Previlon, who spent 2020 on the practice squad here and then didn’t make the squad last year. He apparently liked to brag about his (somewhat questionable) musical talents, so Rodgers would put him on guitar in the team band to prove himself.

Greg from Cherry Valley, IL

We are finally here. Camp is over. The pre-season is over. Get the roster and practice squad. On us for the next six months is Packer football! I just have a question. I don’t know about you, Mike and Wes, but is this heaven?!

No, but it’s better than Iowa. Happy Friday.

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