The first and last lines of the main characters

The vampire diary spin off The originals had some of the best-crafted arcs in television history. Not only were the personal plots carefully wrapped up, but despite the moving sacrifices and the sad finale, the main characters were able to find some form of closure at the end.

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While fans weren’t too happy that both Klaus and Elijah were killed in the end, their deaths are very poignant as it adds an element of redemption to their arc. It is important to note that the fourth season of The vampire diary introduced a backdoor pilot for The originals, but many elements of this episode were revamped for the first season of The originals.

ten Elijah

“I’d rather you didn’t. – “It was a wonderful ride, Niklaus. And my greatest honor.

Elijah was first seen on the show doing what he does best – preventing his siblings from being unreasonably cruel. The spin-off actually began by tracing the originals’ journey to New Orleans as it began with a 300-year-old flashback. Elijah, Rebekah, and Klaus arrive in the French Quarter of New Orleans aboard a ship, with Finn and Kol lying stabbed in their coffins.

They are discovered by a man on the shore and while Rebekah wanted to drink his blood, Elijah forced him to carry their luggage off. Elijah last spoke just before he and Klaus stab each other to sacrifice their lives at the Hollow, so Hope’s life would be spared.

9 Klaus

Split Image of Klaus Mikaelson in The Vampire Diaries

“Are we saving the best for last?” »-« I do not deserve the love you gave me, brother. But I am so grateful.

Much like Rebekah and Elijah, Klaus or Niklaus were also brought into the very first scene of the show which showed the Mikaelsons arriving in New Orleans on a boat. While Elijah and Rebekah were busy dealing with the person who had entered the ship with Rebekah introducing herself to him, Klaus was seen sucking someone’s blood up the stairs. This is the most predictable first scene given Klaus’ history.

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But his final line in the series shows just how much he had evolved emotionally, and how far removed he really was from the version that first entered New Orleans. The show ends with Klaus and Elijah stabbing each other and expressing their love and gratitude for each other before ending each other’s lives.

8 Rebecca

Claire Holt as Rebekah Michaelson The Vampire Diaries The Originals

“Hello, nice to see such a beautiful face after a long trip.” – “I would love to be your wife.”

Rebekah’s early lines in the series were quite predatory as she planned to drink the blood of the footman who stumbled into their ship. Although Elijah stops him, it was clear that Rebekah was keen on playing mind games with the man before she could finally feed off him.

Her last lines were part of her proposal to Marcel, whom she wanted to marry. Rebekah talks to Marcel about the cure in the series finale and tells him that she wants to grow old with him. She proposes marriage, which Marcel has accepted.

7 Hayley

The Originals vampire diaries hayley marshall

“Who the hell are you?” – “You care about her, I know you love her.”

In the first episode, Hayley had recently discovered that she was pregnant with Klaus’ child and had been kidnapped by the New Orleans witches as bargaining chips to seek Elijah’s favor. Hayley didn’t know what to do and her first words on the show alluded to Elijah as she didn’t know who he was.

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Her final moments, however, were spent trying to foil an attack on her daughter Hope by Roman who was Hope’s friend. Hayley did her best to convince Roman that Hope was his friend and not just a werewolf and a vampire.

6 Cami

“What brings you to the Big Easy?” “-” You have to put an end to it so that you can be the light for your little girl. “

Cami was a bartender at New Orleans bar, The Rousseau, and her first scene has her serve Elijah a drink and engage him in small conversations. Calling New Orleans the “Big Easy” was a nice nod to its local affiliation.

Cami’s final words on the show were addressed to Klaus, where she urged him to end the cycle of abuse that Patriarch Mikaelson Mikael had started and be there for his daughter Hope.

5 Marcel

Marcel standing near a burning candle

“Well, well, what do we have here?” – “I do.”

Marcel has been introduced as the mercurial vampire leader of the New Orleans supernatural community. It was quickly revealed that vampires, werewolves, and witches were all under his rule and his reign of terror had made him quite unpopular. In his first scene, he confronts Sophie the Witch for her rebellious behavior in the middle of the French Quarter as Elijah watches him from afar.

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Marcel’s last words on the show were addressed to Rebekah when he agreed to marry her as she proposed to him and revealed that she had received the treatment she could take.

4 Hope

“Can I go play in the garden?” “-” How do we do this? “

As a child, Hope is sent to live with Rebekah because the Mikaelsons wanted to protect her from Klaus’ enemies. Hope was a toddler for the show’s first three seasons, and seven-year-old Hope was brought in in season four when Haley introduced her to Klaus, Elijah, Freya, Kol, and Rebekah.

Hope asks Haley if she can go paint in the garden, and Klaus joins her later as it is revealed that they both enjoy painting. Hope’s final speech scene in the series was also with her father, who was preparing for her death and bidding his daughter farewell. “How do we do this?” Hope asked tearfully, hinting at Klaus’ next steps regarding his sacrifice.

3 Davina

davina claire the originals

“Witches know better than to use magic.” – “This spell will take us directly there.”

Davina’s arc begins and ends as an extremely powerful witch, but when the show begins she is only 15 years old and her powers are held by Marcel to oppress the witches of the French Quarter. But Davina finds her place as a witch soon enough, and by the end of the series, she’s completely in tune with her powers.

Her last speaking role was in Season 5 when she was casting a spell to locate an antidote that might be present in one of Esther’s grimoires and might help Hope.

2 Kol

“It sucks, no trading today.” – “It’s a huge ass.”

Kol’s opening lines in the series have been spoken by Caleb since his mother Esther resurrected him in Caleb’s body. Kol pursued Davina in season 2 and they first meet at an old record store where Davina was interested in an old Icelandic folk album and Caleb / Kol strikes up a conversation with her when one day they find all of them. two the store closed.

His final lines on the show were devoted to complaining about his older brother Klaus, as he mocked his impending death to lighten the mood, as he was hugged by Klaus who stood behind him.

1 Freya

Freya Mikaelson originals

“These paintings can move. – “Really?”

Freya was Mikael and Esther’s firstborn, but she was cursed by her Aunt Dahlia for hibernating every 100 years. When Freya is featured in the show’s second season, she had just completed a century-long hibernation cycle at Dowager Fauline Cottage, which was a haven for witches believed to be insane.

Freya’s first lines were about moving images on a television, which was realistic since it was the first time she had seen a television. Freya’s final lines were actually a surprising reaction to Vincent’s decision as he agreed to be the biological father of her and Keelin’s child.

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