The exact way to find the cheapest PCR tests for your vacation – saving hundreds of dollars

The surefire way to find the cheapest PCR tests for your vacation has been revealed.

According to travel experts, the practical tip and advice could save vacationers thousands of dollars.

British tourists returning to England need a series of tests before leaving and upon their return to the UK.

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The government says, “You can compare and choose a test provider based on cost and availability in your area.

“The government does not endorse or recommend any particular test provider – you should do your own research on them and their terms and conditions.”

Prices on the government website start at £ 20 – but this fee is based on the standard service.

If you need any add-ons, you may need to contact the vendors privately – and the same goes if you also need a faster than normal turnaround time.

Some sites – and, only charge £ 20 for on-site testing.

Postal tests could charge you £ 65 per pop, however.

As such, Brits are urged to go to local suppliers on the spot, giving them less punches in their wallets, pockets and purses.

Some airlines, meanwhile, are also making deals – with low-cost carriers like TUI offering £ 20 tests.

Private testing can cost up to £ 100 – or even more – at private clinics or on main streets.

With multiple tests likely needed for families, people are urged to correspond with their airlines, which offer some of the cheapest on the market.

Rory Boland, which one? Travel Editor-in-Chief, said: “Our research shows that the cost of Covid testing for traveling abroad may be more than the trip itself.

“An unvaccinated traveler on a return trip to Spain currently requires four tests totaling around £ 219 per person, and even if you are vaccinated it still costs almost a hundred pounds.”

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