The 5 States That Abolished Gas Tax: Here’s What It Looks Like Now

Gas prices have jumped over the past year as supply has failed to meet demand. The pain at the pump was further exacerbated when Vladimir Putin ordered troops to invade Ukraine driving the price of a barrel well above $100 as sanctions were imposed on Russia.

To relieve drivers, a handful of states have implemented gas tax holidays and a pause on the national gas tax was needed but never materialized. The national average price for regular unleaded eventually peaked at just over five dollars a gallon in mid-June.

Since then, the price of fuel has fallen as well as Russian troops. Although prices are still on average fifty cents above where they were a year ago according AAA.

States that have implemented a gas tax exemption

Six states have approved at least some form of gasoline tax exemption. While Maryland expired on April 18, currently, Connecticut, Georgia and New York take a break from fuel tax collection. California only suspended a portion of the diesel sales tax that benefits truckers. Florida’s gasoline tax exemption is scheduled to begin in early October.


Governor Ned Lamont signed a bipartisan bill on March 24 that temporarily suspended the fuel excise duty for three months and was originally due to expire at the end of June. However, on July 1, the state extended the measure until November 30, 2022.


Governor Brian Kemp signed a Georgia General Assembly bill March 18 that temporarily suspension of national fuel taxes until May 31. Since then, the break has been extended several times with the most recent keep the measure in place until October 12, 2022.

New York

In April, New York lawmakers provided relief to drivers as part of the state budget. For a period of seven months, fuel taxes and sales tax per gallon on fuels were suspended, resulting in savings of sixteen cents per gallon for regular unleaded gasoline, Fuel tax of 8 cents and sales tax of 8 cents. The measure came into force on June 1 and until December 31, 2022. Other New York local governments have also implemented gasoline tax holidays.


The Golden State has the highest auto fuel taxes in the United States, which increased again on July 1, but not for all. Although Governor Gavin Newsom, as well as some Republican lawmakers, have called for a gas tax exemption, he had to settle for a compromise. Only truckers refueling in the state will get a break of state diesel sales tax for one year.

The state has approved a three-tier gasoline tax rebate for residents, which will start releasing in October.


Although the measure was approved by the Florida Legislature and signed by Governor Ron DeSantis in May, the implementation of the gasoline tax exemption has not yet gone into effect. From October 1, Florida motorists will be able to enjoy a one month suspension Sunshine State Gasoline Tax.

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