Thank you Los Alamos for the books, books and more books… More is needed

The Kiwanis K-Kids at Aspen Primary School keep books collected for students in Africa. Courtesy / ALP

The Kiwanis K-Kids at Pinon Primary School keep books collected for students in Africa. Courtesy / ALP

African library project

Los Allamos

The Kiwanis K-Kids and Builders Club students of Los Alamos and White Rock are very grateful for the MANY books that have been donated on their school sites and for the Los Alamos Schools Credit Union (LASCU) to help create school and community libraries in Africa.

Our goal was to have 10 libraries of 1000 books each by the end of January and we are already three quarters of the way there!

We can still use more books for reading from preschool to grade 8, and in addition, we have just been entrusted with the creation of a community library, not based in a school, which expects to serve a population. varied.

This is copied directly from their application:

“Our Kakwajuok community is made up of educated members at different levels. There are schoolchildren, teachers, small farmers, business leaders, doctors, pastors and retirees who would like to catch up with the books of their old trades, as well as read hobby books: recent novels, books of fitness, first aid guides, world affairs, culture, geography, mutual aid and spiritual reading.

I would like to collect no more than 350 books to meet the above need as we also need to include books for children from babies in high school. These adult books can be dropped off at my house, 926 Tewa Loop in Los Alamos, in the labeled trash can.

Please try to be selective in your donations as I cannot use books that do not match the above requests. Collections will continue at all school sites until the end of December.

We’ll provide another update once we start packing all of these books and getting them ready to ship. Stay tuned! THANK YOU, LOS ALAMOS! Your book donations make all the difference in Africa!

Kiwanis K-Kids from Barranca Primary School carry boxes of books collected for students in Africa. Courtesy / ALP

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