Stephen Pearcy Shows Ratt’s Origins In “Nothing To Lose” Trailer

Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy takes viewers back to where it all began in new documentary Nothing to lose. the Rockumentary Stephen Pearcy, as it is captioned, is available to stream on the ASY TV subscription service.

A trailer for the film was released on Wednesday, July 21. It shows the rock singer revisiting Ratt’s old playgrounds in San Diego and discussing the band’s debut at Los Angeles’ famed Whiskey a Go-Go. It also features clips from other people offering their thoughts on Pearcy, 65, an indication of the film’s biographical direction which traces the musician’s rise through glam metal.

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In April, Pearcy unearthed an unreleased solo song called “Don’t Wanna Talk About It”. A few months later, the singer defended his ability to sing and denied using backing tracks during live performances in a pointed post in response to commentators online.

After renewed visibility due to their appearance in a Geico 2020 commercial, Ratt has yet to deliver a new studio album. Their last full effort, Infestation, was released in 2010.

Yet last year, Ratt was back in the studio and promised new material. Then, in April, former drummer Bobby Blotzer – who previously fought Pearcy for control of the band’s name – returned to the fold for a show with the singer. Before that, Pearcy had indicated his desire for an original Ratt reunion.

Get more info on how to watch Nothing to lose on The platform is available to stream through Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku.

Nothing to lose: a rockumentary by Stephen Pearcy Trailer

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