Spanish-Language Thriller Sets Netflix Release Date

Set those countdowns and get ready for the next Netflix show The longest nightwhich features Luis Callejo and Alberto Amman. The Spanish-language series will premiere on the streamer on Friday, July 8. As part of the date announcement, Netflix shared a brief preview of what viewers can expect.

The teaser opens with a man staring ominously at a clock. The first text to appear says “One night” followed by a countdown that begins at eight o’clock for the characters. Interspersed between additional text cards, the teaser provides brief glimpses of the series’ recurring characters as they are locked in the prison with no power or obvious way to escape. As the teaser comes to an end, The longest night shows people on fire, a man hitting something or someone, and another person screaming and getting carried away. The only dialogue comes at the end, as one man says, “It’s going to be a long night, Hugo.”


Set in Monte Baruca, a psychiatric prison, the six-part series follows a group of people completely cut off from outside communication. Meanwhile, gunmen surround the building with the primary goal of catching a serial killer named Simón Lago (Callejo).

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The longest night splits its release month with two other Netflix action/thriller projects, including Anthony and Joe Russospy thriller The gray manand the live-action sci-fi/horror series resident Evil.

Prior to The longest night, several of the cast members have appeared in other Netflix Originals. Viewers might recognize Amman for his role as Pancho Herrera in Narcos and Narcos: Mexico, which ran for three seasons from 2015 to 2017 and 2018 to 2021, respectively. Callejo starred in the streamer’s original movie below zeroreleased in 2021 while Jose Luis Garcia Perez can be seen in the more recent series in coldreleased at the beginning of the year, where he plays Felipe Calero. Maria Caballero, Francois Berenguer, david solan, Romain Rymar, and Pérez play alongside Callejo and Amman. behind the screens, The longest night is led by Oscar Pedraza from a screenplay written by Xose Moraisa and Victorian Sierra Ferreiro.

The longest night will arrive on Netflix on July 8. The login line, according to Netflix, reads: “The countdown has already begun and chaos is about to break out in Monte Baruca prison.”

Check out the teaser for the date announcement below:


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