Sonu Sood climbs trees as he enjoys a calming tropical vacation with his wife, Sonali and children in Bangkok

Sonu Sood is a name synonymous with Messiah. The actor who plays negative on-screen roles has become the true hero and savior for thousands of helpless people during the pandemic. From helping migrants return home safely to helping the poor with health care and education, Sonu has done more than he could for people all over the world. throughout the difficult periods of nationwide confinement. Plus, with his powerful screen appearance in films like Samrat Prithviraj, R Rajkumar, Dabangg and many more, Sood has made a name for himself among the handsome guys of B-Town.

Talking about his personal life, Sonu Sood and his wife, Sonali, have been married for 25 years and are parents to two sons, Ishant and Ayaan. Apart from being a humble human, Sonu is also a doting husband. From marrying his first girlfriend to creating a dream life with her, Sonu and Sonali’s filmed love story leaves us with high hopes.

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On July 12, 2022, Sonu Sood took to his IG handle and shared some glimpses of his family vacation in Bangkok. The loving family of four is in seventh heaven as they spend quality time amidst nature. In the first photo, Sonu can be seen posing in style with his beautiful wife, Sonali and their dashing boys, Ayaan and Ishant. However, the following photo made us nostalgic. Father-of-two Sonu was seen swinging on a tree, donning black sunglasses. Whether it’s savoring appetizing meals or enjoying “Tropical Tuesday”, the Soods are pure family goals.




Earlier in an interview with a media portal, Sonu was asked what kind of father he is. Responding to this, the actor quickly responded, saying he’s a hands-on dad when he’s not filming. Then, giving roughly the same evidence, he shared:

“Well, when Ishant was born, I would do anything for him. When he went to school, I would be the one to wake him up and dress him. I would even sing songs to make sure he stayed awake and didn’t don’t doze off!”

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In the same conversation, he had talked about when his youngest son, Ayaan, came into their lives. The loving dad mentioned that he couldn’t give Ayaan as much time as he wanted. In his words:

“Actually, I did the same for Ayaan, although I must admit that when he arrived in our world, I was more busy with work. It was a new stage in my career, and the people had started to recognize me. So if I could take I couldn’t go to the park and go horseback riding with him when he was young, I couldn’t repeat that with Ayaan, but I could take him on vacation. abroad !”


We love how Sonu Sood showed her playful side around her family. What do you think?

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