Scream 2022’s Best Ride Dropped Sidney’s Family Twists

Scream 2022 breaks the trend that Ghostface’s motivations are based on the twists and turns of Sidney’s family, which heralds a brighter future for the franchise.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Scream 2022!

While almost all Scream the film focuses on a major family twist for Sidney Prescott, Scream 2022 breaks that trend, which ultimately makes the movie stronger. As is the case with most horror franchises focused on the legacy of a last daughter, the Scream the movies always go back to Sidney Prescott, usually revealing a twist in which she, or a family member, is the primary motivation for recurring Ghostface murders. Scream 1996 started with Billy and Stu killing Sidney’s mother, Cry 2 saw Billy’s mother take revenge on Sidney, Cry 3 introduced a major twist in which Ghostface killer Roman Bridges was his secret half-brother, and Cry 4The late Jill Roberts, his jealous younger cousin, revealed that she wanted to kill Sidney and take control of his fame.


Bringing the franchise back to life after a decade, Scream 2022 features the fifth wave of Ghostface murders in Woodsboro, this time targeting family members from the original Scream characters who were either killers or victims. As Sidney and Gale return to Woodsboro to help the new teens find Ghostface, Scream 2022 reveals that the killers’ primary target is no longer Sidney, but Sam Carpenter, the secret biological daughter of Ghostface killer Billy Loomis. The identities of Scream 2022Ghostface killers are revealed to be Richie and Amber, two Stab movie superfans who want to reinvigorate the horror franchise with new material that harkens back to the originals. Thus, the family twists of Scream 2022 are based on relationships with Randy Meeks, Stu Macher, Billy Loomis and Deputy Judy Hicks, with Sidney’s family (thankfully) left out.

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Scream 2022Ghostface’s victim model being tied to previous Ghostface killers and victims isn’t necessarily new, but it does move away from Screamunderlying tendency of motivation being based on Sidney’s family. Each Scream movie to 2022, the film introduced a traumatic new twist to its story, so Scream 2022 was refreshing given that viewers now come to expect such a revelation and are tired of Sidney’s family betrayals only becoming more emotionally disturbing with each film. After everything Sidney had been through, she deserved a break, which is why it was the best idea to leave out any twists about her three daughters and her husband, Cry 3is Mark Kincaid.

Scream 4 originally kept Emma Roberts Jill alive

After 25 years of being stalked and traumatized by Ghostface, it was also time for the Scream frankness to entrust the final focus of the girl to another character. Scream 2022 found the perfect avenue to achieve such a change, revealing that Sam Carpenter is Billy Loomis’ secret daughter and fears to inherit his violent demons. Although Sidney’s presence has always been the main driving force behind Ghostface, Scream 2022 breaks the chain and elevates the importance of franchise legacy. Sidney is also barely in Scream 2022, merely serving as an asset to the new characters rather than again being the main focus. By placing Sidney, 42, in the back seat for Scream 2022the franchise continues its pattern of cursed family tragedies but avoids overdoing it with the character of Neve Campbell.

There have long been criticisms that it is time to move from Sidney to Screamand maybe kill her, but Scream 2022 set up the perfect position for her as support for the new Final Girls and Survivors. Like Scream 2022Ghostface killers explain, there’s no movie without the last girl, so Sidney’s presence in Scream is necessary but no longer needs to be so pervasive and embedded in the killer’s motivations. It also hopefully indicates that Sidney’s children won’t be subjected to the same repeated Ghostface tragedies, as her departure from Woodsboro means that her children and husband are unlikely to become future targets in killings. His connection to Ghostface serves as Scream the basic base of the franchise, but Scream 2022 ending the franchise’s obsession with Sidney by simply turning her into a useful expert role is the perfect way to move movies forward in the future.

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