Reilly: Reflections on Ukraine

Los Alamos

The Los Alamos Daily Post published a Senate News Object, Senator Heinrich is co-sponsoring a resolution calling for Putin and the regime to be held accountable for war crimes.

We have all seen the news of Russia’s invasion and war in Ukraine; Putin does not call this war. I traveled to Ukraine seven times in the early 2000s to deliver a two-week course on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty at a research center about 30 minutes from Kyiv (kyiv). It gave me the opportunity to visit kyiv and its surroundings.

Ukraine is a beautiful country, with beautiful and friendly people. It is a modern city with shops, buildings, churches, monuments, cars and roads very similar to ours. Ukraine was considered The bread basket of the Soviet Union, and agricultural exports still constitute an important part of its economy. This excerpt from Ukrainian history will help explain why Putin says, “Ukraine is not a truly independent nation” or “Russia and Ukraine are one nation.”

From the 9th century CE, there was the Kievan-Rus Empire, which included much of what we now consider Eastern Europe. Later, Ukraine became part of the Lithuanian-Polish Empire. Three current European states; Belarus, Russia and Ukraine consider the origin of their cultures, languages ​​and Orthodox-Catholic faith to be in Ukraine. Belarus and Russia show it in their names. Belarus, Old Belarus (literally White Russia) and Russia speak the same language. Ukrainian, although similar to Russian, is a distinctly different language. Most Ukrainians speak both.

Of course, this intimate relationship does not justify what we see happening today. I have colleagues and friends there who I fear will be subject to Russian invasion. On television, I see buildings that I recognize before they are ransacked. Unfortunately, the looting is increasing every day. Opinion writers, and Putin himself, are starting to talk about nuclear war. I consider Russia’s actions illegal, frightening and senseless.

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