RECAP: Mark Drakeford holds press conference as major rule changes announced

Rule changes

He said the zero alert level would take place from 6 a.m. tomorrow.

Having reached a milestone, we now need to monitor the impact of lifting so many restrictions, he said.

They don’t expect any further changes in the next review, so those changes will be a trend for at least the next six weeks.

All businesses can open and all legal restrictions on meeting indoor private spaces will also be removed.

He said that did not mean the end of the coronavirus, nor a free-for-all in Wales.

There are still vulnerable people in the communities, and most people want to continue to act with caution, he said.

While we continue to do so, we can enjoy personal freedoms with confidence, protections are still in place to ensure that health is protected.

Even at the zero alert level, employers will protect workers and customers with risk assessments.

They will have flexibility on reasonable measures, but those identified must be implemented.

In Wales the advice continues to be that people should work from home if possible, face coverings will be a legal requirement in indoor locations, with the exception of education and hospitality.

From this weekend, there will no longer be a legal limit on the number of people who can meet in private homes, public spaces or events.

By moving to the zero alert level, it becomes more important than ever that as many as possible be vaccinated, he said.

Thanks to the work of the vaccination teams and the enthusiasm of everyone in Wales, participation is high.

He wants to encourage everyone, especially the younger ones, to get vaccinated.

It is never too late to get vaccinated, he said.

Mr Drakeford said teens approaching their 18s are welcome and children living with clinically vulnerable adults.

16 and 17 year olds also receive invitations.

They only want these young people to be vaccinated before the start of the new terms.

From tomorrow, all fully vaccinated adults, and those under 18, will no longer have to isolate themselves if they are identified as close contact with a positive case.

Everyone should self-isolate if they have symptoms of a virus or are positive.

They will do more to support people on low incomes, raising the isolation payment from £ 500 to £ 750 and making it easier for people to apply, he said.

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