Rampage rating rebounds nicely from record low

Ratings are for August 5.

AEW’s Friday night show is coming off of historically bad numbers, as WWE rides a wave of excitement with Triple H taking over the creative slack. Curiously, the show that got better on July 29 was not Smack downbut Carnage.

A live show gave Carnage an audience of 468,000 (25% better than the previous Friday) and a 0.15 rating among 18-49 year olds (a 36% improvement week over week). The competition wasn’t terribly impressive to kick off a summer weekend, but AEW reached No. 5 among Cable Originals.

Despite being a Slam summer spinoff episode with Roman Reigns announced, Smack downThe numbers fell for the second week in a row. Sure, the highs in their drop were pretty high – the edition that aired hours after Vince McMahon “retired” on July 22, but lows are lows. Viewership was down just under 5% from last Friday, to 2.09 million. The demo number of 0.49 was a drop of more than 5%…but WWE and FOX aren’t sweating those numbers since the blue brand remained the highest-rated show on TV by a comfortable margin.

Can AEW retain this audience for a pre-recorded show? The surprise ending of Smack down bringing people back this Friday?

Let us know what you think, ratings while watching Cagesiders.

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