Rampage made some of its best numbers in months on July 1

Ratings are for July 1. There were a lot of factors to consider for Friday night wrestling shows: the start of a holiday weekend, a PPV PLE go home show for WWE and a popular gimmick match with AEW stakes that was promoted on a popular show a few nights before.

What did all this mean? Not sure, but here are the numbers and you can tell us…

Smack down didn’t have Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar, but they announced all of the other stars who would be taking part in the following night’s Money in the Bank matches. The show still saw its overall viewership and 18-49 demographic ranking drop for the second week in a row, but the numbers still weren’t bad. With 2.14 million viewers, WWE topped two million for the third week in a row, and the blue mark’s .49 gave it second place overall TV in the demo, behind only Univision. Mi Fortuna es Amarte.

Carnage led with a two-ring Royal Rumble-style match to determine interim world champion Jon Moxley’s first challenger, and thus scored his best numbers since April. The viewership of 486,000 and 0.16 still looks like pre-4th of July type numbers, but they’re also not the ones TNT will be making fun of on a show airing at 10 p.m. ET. AEW’s b-show was third among cable originals on July 1, than Wrestlenomics’ Brandon Thurston highlights is its highest ranking since October 2021. It was beaten by one of Fox News’ drive time offers The fiveand the Food Network’s Triple D staple (Diners, drive-ins and divesfor the non-Fieri-heads out there).


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