Precision Medical Hair Restoration And Aesthetics is the first of its kind in New Mexico

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Dr. Chris Plaman

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Dr. Chris Plaman opened Precision Medical Hair Restoration and Aesthetics in Albuquerque in January.

“Precision is the first and only hair regeneration medical center in New Mexico,” Plaman said. “After seeing with my own eyes how modern hair restoration techniques and advanced technology could transform people’s lives, I wanted to bring this technology to my home country. We use the advanced ARTAS robotic system and the industry-leading endograft.”

Follicular unit excision (FUE) is replacing manual transplantation because of its precision, Plaman said. The robotic eye finds the most promising follicles for transplantation.

“Instead of surgically removing a strip of scalp from the back bangs, small punches are used to remove 1-4 hair follicles,” Plaman said.

It’s not only more precise, it avoids leaving a bare strip where the hairs have been removed. Plaman’s desire to help people led him to a medical career, he said. He served as medical director and geriatrician for the Scripps Medical Group in the San Diego area. Plaman found his calling in aesthetic medicine while performing hair restoration in California, where he trained at one of San Diego’s top hair restoration centers.

“When people feel better about how they look, it really improves their lives,” Plaman said. “I had never seen people happier than those who were treated at the Center and I have never been happier than I am now in this career.”

Plaman is an ABIM Certified Physician and Hair Transplant Surgeon who is a Fellow of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Treatment at Precision begins with a free one-hour or longer consultation with Plaman at the clinic.

“I assess the patient’s goals and incorporate them into a care plan,” he says. “We have a lot of treatment options, depending on the patient. We incorporate various treatments into the plan, depending on the needs of the patient. We strive to provide quality medical care.

Plaman and his chief operating officer, Elijah Scholer, are committed to helping patients find what’s right for them, he said. They work hard to make care as affordable as possible.

“Hair loss is such a common condition,” Plaman said. “Eighty-five percent of men and 60% of women will experience hair loss. It’s very poorly treated. Both male and female pattern baldness make up the bulk of hair loss conditions. The condition is genetic, but may be exacerbated by stress, skin conditions and other factors.
Hair transplantation is extremely effective, but it is not the only treatment explored by Plaman.

“I’ve never had a patient who didn’t have obvious improvement,” he said.

Precision Medical Hair Restoration and Aesthetics is located at 5111 San Mateo Blvd. NE to Albuquerque.

To schedule a free consultation, call Precision Medical Hair Restoration and Aesthetics at 505.557.500 or book an appointment online at Visit the website to learn more about the services offered at Precision.

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