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Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed Thursday, July 8 that fully vaccinated Britons will be able to travel to Orange List countries without having to self-quarantine upon their return to the UK. This rule change will take effect from Monday July 19.

However, starting July 19, travel to and from Amber List countries will be the same as vacations to Green List countries, for those vaccinated at least.

These Britons will not need to self-quarantine when they return from a green list country, but they still have to pass two coronavirus tests.

Vacationers can purchase a PCR test from Boots or order one online through an airline.

Here are the best and cheapest places to get your hands on a test.



Customers can walk into a Boots store to take a PCR test for £ 85.

The service is available in more than 200 retailer stores across the UK.

A day two test costs £ 99, while the day two and day eight tests bought together cost £ 160.

Customers can order these tests to do themselves at home.


The low-cost airline has teamed up with the test kit brand Randox.

Its customer package includes a pre-departure PCR test and a two-day test, at a total cost of £ 86.

The pre-departure test alone costs £ 43.

Meanwhile, a test package that includes a pre-departure test, a two-day test and an eight-day test costs £ 129.


Jet2 has partnered with Randox and Collinson to provide its customers with test kits.

A Randox pre-departure test costs £ 40 if you order it at home, or £ 60 to take it in person.

The same Collinson’s test costs £ 66.

Collinson also has a UK return test which costs £ 32.

But the supplier’s second day test costs £ 66.

Randox’s Day 2 test costs the same as its pre-departure test – £ 43 for a home version and £ 60 in person.

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