Odds WR Julio Jones traded to Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions could be among the many franchises considering acquiring Julio Jones.

Jones, whose recent appearance on FS1’s ‘Undisputed’ caused a stir, is highly unlikely to return to the squad that drafted him.

During an impromptu phone call with host Shannon Sharpe, the veteran expressed that he definitely wanted to play for another organization in 2021.

The Falcons were reportedly blinded by the comments.

It is still unclear if Jones knew he was live at the time, although recent reports indicate he was unaware he was on live TV.

According to a recent ESPN business simulation, the Detroit Lions were among the franchises that passed Jones on.

“For Lions fans, it would be a perfect game. Detroit certainly needs help in this position, could afford it and wants a star to attract spectators,” writes Eric Woodyard. “Plus, it would suit the culture perfectly. But that is unlikely to happen because Lions are in the midst of rebuilding, and trading valuable assets and raising capital to land an aging catcher doesn’t make sense in this. the direction in which they are headed under the new regime.

The Lions could certainly use the extra help from the wide receiver, as many analysts and pundits aren’t exactly thrilled with the receiving body that new quarterback Jared Goff is working with.

Despite what Jones might bring to the table, there is still a long plan for him to end up playing Motown.

So the odds of Jones being traded to the Lions are: Five percent

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