New “excellent” refurbished deals make Apple’s AirPods 3 too cheap to ignore right now

If the Adorama killer The recent AirPods Pro deal has made your life difficult (in a good way), forcing you to think long and hard about whether you should keep waiting Apple’s next-generation true wireless noise-canceling headphones or not, prepare for your pre-holiday buying decisions to get even more complicated (in the same way).

This is because the non-Pro The AirPods 3 are cheaper than ever from two different but equally reliable eBay sellers right now, and while you’re obviously dealing with refurbished units here, they’ll all come with a one-year “full” Allstate warranty. year included at no additional cost.

This is not an additional cost on top of the $99.99 charged by Amazing-Wireless for “very good” condition and the $109.99 you have to pay for “excellent” items. Interestingly, Amazing-Wireless and Cellfeee are currently running the exact same sale for refurbishments in excellent cosmetic condition, which probably means you have some time to decide what to do first. both sellers are running out of their “limited” inventory.

Marketed less than a year ago, Apple’s “standard” third-generation AirPods without active noise-canceling technology on the deck are normally priced at $179 new. Because the imminent arrival of the AirPods Pro 2 is not exactly Threatening their survival, these bad boys rarely drop below around $149 at major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart.

That’s why being able to afford a single Benjamin without compromising on functionality (allegedly) isn’t something bargain hunters will want to pass on without at least considering a purchase. If you think you can’t live with “light body scratches” and other “signs of use”, all you have to do is spend another $10 and you’ll get units “like new” or “near perfect” with plenty of battery health in the tank.

Along with outstanding battery life of up to 30 hours considering both the buds and their bundled charging case, the AirPods 3 feature MagSafe charging functionality, not to mention spatial audio technology. with dynamic head tracking and superior overall sound quality. . Yes the The AirPods Pro 2 will definitely be better, but they’ll also definitely be a lot more expensive.

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