NCC urges network providers to set tariff for roaming calls

The nation’s network providers have been asked to establish the cost of roaming calls by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC.

Council wants the cost to include last mile connection, interfaces and software upgrades, unless the parties agree otherwise.

NCC Executive Vice President and CEO Professor Umar Garba Danbatta in a document titled “National Roaming Guidelines”, and released to the media, said that capital spending and spending The additional operations associated with roaming will form part of the negotiated roaming. Cost.

The NCC urged providers to also ensure that adequate security measures are in place to protect their respective networks and to mutually agree on a process to mitigate fraud associated with roaming.

“However, fraud permitted by loopholes in other areas of network activity will be the responsibility of the affected network,” the document adds.

“Roaming partners undertake not to benefit from any fraudulent incident. Any settlement between the parties will be made at the cost calculation level, when the fraud is established.

According to Danbatta, each operator sets its roaming rate subject to the prior approval of the commission. He noted that operators should consider that the caller is the one bearing the cost. He said the tariff would take into account the need to ensure that homeless people enjoy seamless connectivity at a reasonable cost.

“The Commission may set a price cap for roaming charges on the basis of industry data until a detailed cost study is carried out. The Visited Network will not offer any incentives such as free data, free or lower rate calls than Roamer.

“Each operator must seek and obtain the prior written approval of the Commission before setting roaming tariffs for its subscribers. In determining retail roaming charges for voice calls, the current interconnection charges will be used as the net result (basis).

“In determining the roaming charges for data services, the parties must agree on the sharing of tariffs, taking into account the principle of domestic roaming,” he said.

Danbatta stated that the visited network should do everything possible to ensure that roaming enjoys the same level of availability as its own customers and to maintain such a level as contained in the quality of service regulation developed by the Commission .

“The Visited Network will offer the same quality of service to the Roamer on the agreed Roaming Technology. The Parties shall ensure that all quality of service requirements under the Quality of Service Regulation and other relevant regulations and guidelines developed by the Commission are met.

“The visited network should provide key network performance indicators for all clusters as part of the roaming arrangement. A party that does not meet the quality of service requirements under the Quality of Service Regulation will be responsible for any infringement related to its network. Support for the roaming service (i.e. resolving subscriber complaints) will be the responsibility of the home network. The home network will not reserve more than 25% of the reserve capacity for its short-term or emergency need, ”he said.

NCC introduces national roaming to enable efficient telecommunications services

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