Myanmar post-coup daily update: May 26

An anti-regime rally takes place at the Manau Ground in Myitkyina.

Through The Irrawaddy May 27, 2021

To keep you up to date with what happened in Myanmar over the past 24 hours, here are the main events of the day more than three months after the coup.

In Yangon, a man in his 20s was shot dead by junta forces as he fled in fear when junta troops inspected people sitting in a tea shop in Shwepyithar township, where the military regime imposed martial law.

Two people were injured in a bomb blast outside the No. 39 Basic Education Primary School in North Okkalapa Township.

In Hlaing Tharyar, two bombs were thrown at the house of a military collaborator. There were no injuries as the residents managed to get out of the house on time.

Young people from South Okkalapa Township took to the streets against the military regime.

Anti-regime protesters in the southern Okkalapa township of Yangon.

In United States, Expats from Myanmar staged a protest in New York against energy giant Chevron for its support for Myanmar’s military regime and called for sanctions against the Myanmar Oil and Gas Company (MOGE). There have been calls for oil and gas companies operating in Myanmar to suspend payments to state-owned MOGE, as the military regime finances itself with these payments.

Burmese expatriates in the United States organize a protest against energy giant Chevron.

In Shan State‘s Taunggyi, people burned a Chinese national flag to protest Beijing’s support for the military regime.

Young people from Taunggyi burn a Chinese flag.

Simultaneous explosions occurred at three different locations in Muse, on the Myanmar-China border.

A young person solicits donations for the war displaced in Muse.

Junta troops arrested five people, four women and a man, who were soliciting donations for the war displaced at Market No. 1 in Muse. They also took the donated money.

Residents of Kyaukme, in northern Shan State, took to the streets to protest against the military rule.

People are protesting against the military rule in Kyaukme, Shan State.

The Karenni People’s Defense Force seized a police outpost in the village of Htee Se Kha in Loilem, on the Shan border and Kayah States.

With the military regime and the government of national unity having offered to send delegations to the 74th Health Assembly of the World Health Organization, the organization decided that Myanmar would not attend the assembly this morning. year, not knowing which government to recognize.

In Chin condition, bombs exploded in two basic education schools in Falam.

Junta troops looted shops and homes in Mindat abandoned by fleeing residents, according to local news agencies and residents. About 90% of the 25,000 residents have fled their homes since junta forces occupied the city on May 15.

Anti-regime protesters staged a rally of Taung Zalat (Rhododendron) flowers on Kennedy Peak in Tedim.

In My state, an explosion was reported near a basic primary school in Kyaikmaraw township.

In Myaing township, Magwe region, residents, educators and teachers urged people to boycott education under military rule.

In Tanintharyi region‘s Dawei, junta forces arrested the owner of a tea house that hosted an anti-regime protest on May 25.

Junta troops beat and arrested four people at a tea and grocery store in Phaung Taw Village in Yebyu County, Dawei District, and also stole bottles of alcohol and other items from the shop.

In Yebyu County, people called for the immediate release of State Councilor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, President U Win Myint and other political prisoners.

In Bago region, a postal train derailed in the town of Kanyutkwin after hitting a mine. The youth of Bago called for unity in the fight against the military dictatorship.

People are protesting against Bago’s military regime.

In Sagaing region‘s Katha, a police station in the village of Moe Tar, was the victim of arson and was reduced to ashes.

A fire broke out at an oil refinery east of Monywa and was extinguished about an hour later by township firefighters.

A fire in an oil refinery in Monywa.

A shootout broke out between junta forces and resistance fighters in the village of Chaungzin, in Myaung township, forcing the villagers to flee.

Street protests continued in Monywa, Taze and Kale. Villagers rallied against the military regime in Salingyi County.

An anti-regime rally takes place in Taze, Sagaing.
Villagers protest against the military regime in Salingyi, Sagaing.

Buddhist monks from Europe and United States participated in an online campaign to show solidarity with the Burmese people as they demand democracy and fight the military regime.

Buddhist monks around the world take part in an online protest against military rule.

In Mandalay region, Buddhist monks prayed for the safety of Burmese civilians. A night demonstration took place in the canton of Pyigyitagun.

Street protests continued in different parts of Mandalay with health workers banging on pots and pans to show their opposition to the military regime, and students in Aungmyaythazan protested against education under the military regime.

Mandalay residents honk motorcycles in protest against military rule.
Students take to the streets against military rule in Aungmyethazan Township, Mandalay.

In Kachin State, students and residents rallied against the military regime at the Manau Ground in the state capital, Myitkyina.

In Hpakant, anti-regime protesters called on parents not to enroll their children in school as a sign of sympathy for young people who have fallen in the country’s struggle for democracy.

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