Muscadine Bloodline impresses with ‘Cryin’ in a GMC’

Country duo Muscadine Bloodline aren’t ones to impress anyone with their southern country-rock music. Yet the proudly independent Alabama-raised couple continue to do just that, most recently with their latest release, “Cryin’ in a GMC.”

“It’s kind of interesting because it’s an upbeat song, but the subject matter is pretty bad,” Muscadine Bloodline’s Gary Stanton explained in a recent Taste of Country interview. “It’s just about a guy who can’t do it right.”

Leaning heavily on Red Dirt, the rural sound that made Muscadine Bloodline what it is, “Crying in a GMC” also features tongue-in-cheek lyrics courtesy of Stanton himself.

“We were in the studio and (Stanton) came in and he had literally written it the night before,” Charlie Muncaster of the duo said. The song lives on the duo’s latest album, Expedition to 16th Avenue. “We were all hooked as soon as he played it. We literally cut it two days after he wrote it.

The country duo performed “Cryin’ in a GMC” on their Countryband Contraband Tour, which will take them to Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas before the end of the year.

“It’s kind of a good time song that gets everyone moving, and we’re really excited about it,” says Muncaster. “There’s new songs you’re playing, that, I mean, people decide it’s time for another beer (Laughs). But this one kept them with us, so that’s all you can ask for.

“Cryin’ in a GMC” was released based on its initial popularity with fans – a strategy the band have become adept at since bursting onto the country music scene in 2016, building a career on songs such as “Porch Swing Angel”, “Can’t Tell You No” and the viral TikTok hit “Me on You”.

“We’ve been doing this since day one,” says Muncaster. “We kind of always release new songs that give people something to look forward to. Usually somebody films it on their phone and then you see people singing it back to the show and, you know, the only way which they I learn is by seeing it on YouTube or something.

And fans love being in that decision-making process.

“Gary (Stanton) and I are proud to be normal guys, just like our fans,” Muncaster added. “I mean, there really is no difference. We just have a different occupation. You know, we always go after the show and meet everyone. No matter how long it takes. We believe this has been the cornerstone of building our business from the start. »

It’s a work ethic that Muscadine Bloodline says should be heeded, especially by some other new artists in the genre.

“When you start you just don’t have the money, so of course you have to grind it,” Muncaster concludes with a laugh. “Good things will happen if you keep your head down and work hard.”

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