Missed fists: Viktor Kolesnik annihilates his ass opponent, more

Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where Jed Meshew and Alexander K. Lee shine a light on fights around the world that may have been overlooked in these hectic times when it seems like there’s an MMA show both. days.

In a relatively quiet week for major promotions in the United States (apologies for UFC Lincoln), there was a lot of violence abroad, so this go-around we’re focusing on a flurry of arrivals from Russia and Brazil.

Konstantin Andreitsev versus Chase gormley
Arman Tsarukyan vs. Felipe Olivieri
Sergey Khandozhko vs. Adriano Rodrigues
Alexander Romanov versus Virgil Zwicker
Yasubey Enomoto against Alexei Ivanov

AL: Right off the bat, let’s go back to last Wednesday for the S-70 Plotforma Cup 2018 show in Sochi, Russia, where only two of the 12 fights were scored on the scoreboards. Here are five of the best finishes.

The very first fight saw UFC veteran Chase Gormley fall to 24-year-old Konstantin Andreitsev. Both men were on losing skids of three fights, so there was already a sense of hopelessness (for lack of a better term) before this one. Unfortunately, it was Gormley who would get stung here.

JM: I know we’re supposed to be talking about non-UFC stuff, but I have to be honest, it’s even hard to appreciate that Gormley gets laid flat when Justin gaethje just gave us the Knockout of the Year. So can we please just briefly acknowledge the greatness of Gaethjesus and then start with the roundup of violence?

AL: Remember when everyone was saying Gaethje should use his wrestling more and maybe try to get a win to break his losing streak?

JM: These people are mean and should be made to step on Legos.

Either way, wow, there’s been a lot of non-Gaethje super-violence this week. We have already touched on Andreitsev against Gormley, who was a good knockout, but ignores the coffin of Arman Tsarukyan Felipe Olivieri. Other than Gaethje, this got my money for the knockout of the week.

AL: It’s hard to argue with Tsarukyan’s finish, and from a technical standpoint it could be even better than Gaethje’s. We all love head shots (that’s almost the whole base of what we do here), but the head shots that happen in the middle of a rally?

Watch how he misses Olivieri before landing that free kick. Just awesome.

JM: Another brilliant – and honestly, this perhaps the best knockout of the bunch given that I have a soft spot for watching people let off steam on other people’s weak spots – is Adriano Rodrigues’ Sergey Khandozhko twist-kick appendectomy. Watch how the will to live is violently shattered from Rodrigues’ stomach.

AL: We’ve seen KO body kicks where the toes just glance at the midsection and the target always goes down… that wasn’t one of those. You can Feel Khandozhko’s heel sinking into Rodrigues’ belly. It would have been incredible for Rodrigues to stay on his feet after that.

At only 26 years old, “Honda” is now 26-5-1 as a pro and if he can start to regain some consistency (before this fight, he had alternated victories and defeats in his last nine fights), this is not a stretch to see him get a chance in a large organization.

This is something Virgil Zwicker knows, having fought for both Strikeforce and Bellator. Sadly, he was brought in to face the undefeated Alexander Romanov that night and suffered a rare scarf choke which reminded me of the famous MMA fighter. CM Punk‘s “Anaconda Vice”.

JM: I don’t know if CM Punk uses movement but Josh barnett hired Dean Lister at a Metamoris event with him (Lister hadn’t been engaged in competition for 15 years when it happened). It’s one of those moves that should only work if you’re super talented and huge, or if you’re up against someone who’s bad. I’ll let you decide which one you think you are, but there is one thing we can all agree on, that suplex to start with was drugs.

AL: Dare I call the finish “Mighty Mouse”?

JM: Wow. Demetrious johnson loses a very questionable decision and suddenly you compare it to the Russian regional heavyweights? It’s cool.

AL: It’s a game of coolness.

After all of that, our fifth Plotforma clip seems almost underrated, but we weren’t going to leave out Yasubey Enomoto’s overwhelming counter straight on Alexei Ivanov.

Frequent traveler Enomoto grabbed him so perfectly and hit him so hard that the referee seemed to temporarily lose his bearings from the impact.

JM: Now is the time to talk about the best thing to do all week, including Gaethje.

In the main M-1 Challenge 96 co-event on Saturday, something really unique happened. Viktor Kolesnik introduced Daniel Swain. With kicks. While Swain was in the butt-scoot position.

AL: What.

JM: I have never seen anything like it. Remember when Donald cerrone threw those “F ** k you” leg kicks at Miles Jury? This was how only Kolesnik seriously lifted Swain’s leg and the American turned and kicked.

AL: Cerrone was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this clip and I distinctly remember him using this technique and thinking, “Yeah, that sounds cool, but can- do you really win a fight with it? “

You can actually win a fight with it.

The win was actually a TKO due to injury, just the second knockout of Kolesnik’s 19-fight career. He’s best known as a submission finisher and if this clip gets more publicity, his next opponent might knock as soon as the bell rings.

JM: Calling it a TKO is pure poppy.

AL: Tell it to the town hall … uh, to the town hall of St. Petersburg, that is to say.

JM: Swain literally turns around and slaps the carpet screaming in agony. It’s the physical and verbal submission combo. I assume in M-1 the two submissions cancel each other out?

AL: Readers can decide for themselves by watching a replay of the event. the foreplay are available for free, but you will have to pay for the main card on FITE TV.

Ugo Barbosa vs. Andrius Hubaldo

JM: Our last knockout of the week worth mentioning is Ugo Barbosa getting his hands on Andrius Hubaldo during a Shooto Brasil show in Rio de Janeiro on Friday.

Peep Barbosa here with a youngster punch combos Vitor Belfort but old Vitor’s hairstyle (like, real old man Vitor, not “old Vitor” – there have been so many incarnations of Vitor.) Hubaldo ate a whole six pieces and the cookie right there.

AL: I believe the exact combination Barbosa used here is the classic “bap bap bap-bap-bap-bap” sequence. He just… man, he just hit him with so many punches.

Now make three consecutive first-round finishes for Barbosa, all of which came in the last minute of the first round. My advice to his future opponents, once the last 60 seconds are on the clock: run!

And now, let’s wait, do you hear that? Is this The Krazy Horse Alarm (™)? I think so ! Let’s go to the monitor and see what’s up with our dear Charles bennett this week on his ever inspiring journey through the cosmos of combat sports.

Oh. Oh no.

JM: We were having such a great time and then you must have ruined it. I know this is the first pro-Charles Bennett column on the internet, but man, it’s getting harder and harder to hold that wedge because every time it shows up it ends in tragedy. At least with CamSoda we have the winner announcement who will live forever.

Guess what I’m saying is we need CamSoda Legends right away.

AL: For those who haven’t seen, “Krazy Horse” competed in the second Bare Knuckle FC 2 event on Saturday and suffered a TKO loss in the fourth round when he injured his left hand. By a strange coincidence, this happened during a fight against an opponent who bears the same name as Bellator’s. Michael mcdonald, who has struggled with hand injuries throughout his career.

Hopefully Bennett recovers soon and we can see “Krazy Horse” in the saddle again (wait, does that even make sense?) In the near future.

For the moment, as Curtis Harper, we leave !


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