Melvins to reprise the Rolling Stones on career-spanning acoustic album

Melvins has announced a new four-LP acoustic album spanning his entire career titled Five-legged dog, which arrives on October 21.

The 36-song set includes acoustic renditions of the sludge-metal trio’s most popular songs, including “Honey Bucket” and “Revolve,” as well as a wide range of rock and roll covers, such as “Sway “from the Rolling Stones. and Alice Cooper’s “Halo of Flies”.

Commenting on the magnitude of the heavy retrospective of his career, singer and guitarist Buzz Osborne said in a press release: “One acoustic record sounds like a joke and two is pretty normal, but doing four?!? It’s like going to war with an army of gorillas on LSD.

An acoustic album may seem incongruous with Melvins’ grungy and muddy hybrid of metal and alternative rock, but a press release promises performance on Five-legged dog are not “soft” in the conventional sense. Instead, fans can expect “delta variations, heavy, soaring, cavernous and often brutal renditions” of Melvins’ songs. “I used paintbrushes on each track,” said drummer Dale Crover. “What a pain in the ass!”

You can hear the disturbing new version of the album Houdini “Night Goat” track below.

Osbourne has released two acoustic albums in recent years, the 2014 solo This machine is killing artists and 2020 Gift of sacrifice, which also starred bassist Trevor Dunn.

The acoustic format also emphasizes the vocal interaction between Osborne and Melvins bassist Steven McDonald, co-founder of power-pop group Redd Kross, whose song “Charlie” appears on Five-legged dog. McDonald said he was skeptical of making an acoustic record at first, “but once I got into the concept I was hooked on eyeballs. I think it came out really well! This is one of my best bass vocals and games. I got to sing ‘Sway’ by the Stones, and they even wanted to do a cover of ‘Charlie’ by my main band. “

Five-legged dog comes less than eight months after Melvins’ last studio album, Work with God. He will be available as a two-CD or four-LP box set. You can see the list of tracks below.

Melvins, ‘Five Legged Dog’ tracklist (with original album and cover art info)
1. “Edgar the elephant” (from 2017 A walk with love and death)
2. “Up The Dumper” (from the years 1999 The bootlicker)
3. “Hung Bunny” / “Roman Dog Bird” (from the years 1992 Lysol)
4. “Hooch” (from the years 1993 Houdini)
5. “Billy Fish” (from 2008’s Nude with boots)
6. “Shevil” (from the years 1994 Witch Stoner)
7. “Charlie” (Redd Kross cover of the single “Escape From LA”)
8. “A growing disgust” (from the years 2012 Weird vomit)
9. “Eye Flys” / “Woman” (from the years 1987 Gluey Porch Treatments – “Woman” is a free cover)
10. “Traps in arrest warrants” (from the years 1997 Honky)
11. “Outside Chance” (cover of The Turtles, from the single “Slithering Slaughter”)
12. “Evil New War God” (from the 2010s The bride cried murder)
13. “The inflated Pope” (from the years 2004 Pigs of the Roman Empire)
14. “Bad Move” (from Dale Crover’s solo album, The fickle finger of fate)
15. “With teeth” (from Lysol)
16. “Halo of Flies” (Alice Cooper cover from the 2005s Sieg Hi!)
17. “Oven” (from the years 1989 Ozma)
18. “Sway” (cover of the Rolling Stones – never recorded by the Melvins)
19. “Anaconda” (from the years 1991 bullhead)
20. “Beautiful butterfly” (Honky)
21. “Boris” (bullhead)
22. “It’s pushed” (bullhead)
23. “Bucket of honey” (Houdini)
24. “We Are Doomed” (from 2012 The bulls and the bees)
25. “Flypaper” (Brainiac cover – not recorded by the Melvins)
26. “Let God be your gardener” (Ozma)
27. “Au bûcher” (from the years 1994 Witch Stoner)
28. “Goat of the night” (Houdini)
29. “Queen” (Witch Stoner)
30. “Everybody’s Talking” (cover by Fred Neil – not recorded by the Melvins)
31. “Return” (Witch Stoner)
32. “Suicide in progress” (Nude with boots)
33. “Prig” (The bootlicker)
34. “The Bit” (from the years 1996 Stag)
35. “Civilized worm” (from the years 2006 (A) Senile animal)
36. “Remember to breathe” (from 2018 Pinkus abortion technician)

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