Megadeth delays the release of a new album again

Megadeth worked on 2016’s successor dystopia for years, and after several scheduled release delays, the band pushed things back again, moving from a targeted spring release to summer.

For fans, the wait for a new record has dragged on, but the thrash legends have been keen to provide regular updates. They have been sharing clips in the studio from before the pandemic throughout the past few months where Dave Mustaine gradually leaked information through paid video messaging service Cameo. It was through this platform that he announced the title of the album, The sick, the dying and the deadand more recently, he even shared an audio teaser of a new song, “Life in Hell.”

In late November, Mustaine suggested that Megadeth was aiming for a spring 2022 release, which would have aligned nicely with an April tour kickoff for the second leg of the “Metal Tour of the Year” alongside the co-headliners. poster company Lamb of God and special guests Trivium and On Fire.

In an interview with Forbes, which focused on the upcoming tour, Mustaine and Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe talked about what was to come and reviewed at least a year of touring together.

When asked if this next leg of the tour would be in support of a new record, Mustaine replied, “No. It wraps up the rest of last year, but I know our official release date of the record had been pushed back with all the distribution stuff, and all this trouble with getting stuff from place to place with record factories making vinyl.”

Delays in vinyl production have sustained countless releases over the past year and more, and Megadeth is not immune to the dreaded delay, although the frontman suggested other issues were also at hand. .

“We’re not so dependent on vinyl,” Mustaine continued, “but the whole process was delayed, so he just went back. We’re going to do, I guess at the time I’m not quite sure, but I believe by the time the record comes out this summer we’ll be on a tour that we’re going to announce, but I can’t really talk about that right now because I don’t know the dates for sure.”

Find Megadeth on the “Metal Tour of the Year” on these dates.

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