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Los Alamos Republican Party

We are fortunate to live in a large community with many opportunities and resources. We also have a number of challenges that require consistent, focused and conservative leadership. We are fortunate to have three outstanding Conservative candidates running for County Council.

Sharon Dry, Reggie Page and Gary Stradling will provide strong leadership and practical solutions to issues facing Los Alamos County. They are longtime residents who have raised families here. They love the community and know its strengths and problems.

The next county council will face significant challenges, including the need for additional housing, the loss of small businesses, energy planning and supply, and traffic management.

LANL’s unprecedented planned growth will require the county to be creative and forward-thinking. There is an effort to provide more accommodation for the growing number of people who come to the lab. These efforts are applauded. However, projections indicate that although the new “roofs” will help, the housing problem will persist. Gary Stradling stresses the need for well-planned and well-managed developments that relieve the long commutes of lab and local business employees and provide additional age-appropriate accommodation. Gary, Sharon and Reggie will address the housing issue with viable long-term strategies.

Another area of ​​serious concern is the decline in the number of small businesses in Los Alamos County. We have heard tales of doom from small business owners who say that our government and county council are not only hostile and unfriendly to small business, but that these entities often seem anti-small business. The disturbing number of empty shops and commercial establishments testifies to this. With the expected population growth and fewer businesses to serve the growing population, the trends are truly worrying. Reggie Page wants to work to make sure the county paves the way for all entrepreneurs. All three candidates are pro-small business and see it as a seriously overlooked issue in the county.

Our energy needs will also increase. The current focus on an “all-electric” model appears to be at odds with our ability to provide the energy needed to make this model a reality without severe service disruptions. Currently, there seems to be more of an ideology driven energy policy as opposed to a fact/data based policy based on current supply patterns. Sharon Dry sees the need to provide efficient distribution of a mix of reliable, low-cost electricity and utilities to all residents. Sharon, Reggie and Gary will approach our energy issues with practical and reality-based approaches.

Motorists on our streets Monday to Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. should allow an additional 30 to 40 minutes to get from White Rock to the Hill or to get off the Hill. This is another problem that will only get worse as the lab population grows. The solution to this problem is not immediately obvious. What is evident is that current traffic management is inadequate. Reggie, Sharon and Gary will approach these questions with a logical and constructive approach.

Other county initiatives such as code enforcement seem to create more problems than they solve. We are presented with a “golden opportunity” to elect new leaders who will provide a viable paradigm for the future. Gary, Reggie and Sharon will bring new vigor and focus to multiple issues. Their dynamism and their practical approaches will be very useful to us.

Please check out their websites (see below) to learn more about each candidate’s vision and concerns and how they would address matters of critical importance to the county.

We encourage you to vote for Sharon Dry, Reggie Page and Gary Stradling for County Council. It’s time for a change and a new direction. These good people will provide the leadership, focus and solutions needed as Los Alamos County enters our exciting and challenging future.

It is essential that each of us exercise our freedom, right and obligation to VOTE.

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Sharon Dry:

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Gary Stradling:

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