Mary Bellavita leaves very little to the imagination in a racy bodysuit

American fitness model Mary Bellavita, well known on Instagram for her nude and provocative photographs, recently took to her page and wowed her fans with a very NSFW instantaneous.

In the photo, which was uploaded on Monday, March 16, the stunning was seen rocking a very racy orange bodysuit that left viewers little to the imagination. Not only did the skinny attire allow the model to peek at her nipples, but its high cut feature also allowed her to provide her fans with a partial view of her lower regions. The snapshot can be viewed on Instagram.

As for her beauty look, Mary opted for full makeup. The application featured an ivory foundation that matched her skin tone perfectly. She sprinkled her cheeks with nude blush and wore a coffee shade of lipstick. The hottie used a combination of eye shadow, opted for heavily wrinkled eyes and a thick coat of mascara to accentuate her beautiful eyes. She finished her makeup application with defined brows and strobes all over her face.

The North Carolina native wore her highlighted braids in elaborate waves and let locks of hair fall over her shoulders. To increase the glamor, she chose a pair of earrings and a ring on her finger.

According to geolocation, the snapshot was captured in Miami Beach, Florida. To pose for the shot, Mary could be seen standing in any room next to a large window. She put one hand on the window, touched her hair with the other hand, parted her lips slightly and looked at the camera.

Mary included a long caption with her post and said that while she generally avoids expressing her political opinion on Instagram, she would like to add that there is always something positive to be taken out of difficult situations. Giving examples, she added that the spread of the coronavirus has at least taught people to practice better hygiene. In the end, Mary asked her fans not to hoard toilet paper.

Within seven hours of posting, the snap garnered over 31,000 likes and around 600 comments in which fans and followers praised the model for being sexy and also approved of her post.

“Well said baby, keep rocking yourself,” one fan commented on the snap.

“How are you so perfect !!!!?” another user has been questioned.

“Beautiful! I love you so much!” remarked a third admirer.

Besides her fans and followers, the snap has also been enjoyed by many other models and influencers, including Bianca Taylor, Francia James and Dominique Shim.

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