Mammoth WVH’s debut album wasn’t just a “one-off”

Wolfgang Van Halen is ready to prove his first solo album, 2021 Mammoth WVH,”[wasn’t] just this unique, you know, kid from Van Halen who plays the musician.”

“Like, that’s what I do,” said the multi-instrumentalist rolling stone. “It’s what I’ve done half my life. It’s all I want to do. It’s the only thing that really gives my life meaning [Laughs].”

Van Halen, currently off the road after completing a North American tour in May, says he’s “aiming” for this next musical chapter to begin in 2023, having written “a bunch of ideas” for another album during the COVID-19 quarantine.

“[E]very little free time from my tours, I started making demos,” he says, noting that he also has “seven or 10 ideas” left from the first album. “Some of them are a bit different, which is exciting. I want to keep challenging myself and not keep doing the same things. Not crazy different but just different vibes and stuff. Maybe even a little heavier, maybe even a little lighter. Just kind of expand the scope of what the band can be.”

The musician – who played all the instruments and vocals on Mammoth WVH – says he doesn’t have a “definite timeline” for the next LP. “But more than anything,” he says, “I just want to be able to take the process and smash it a bunch.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the former Van Halen bassist reiterated his positive feelings about this band, which he joined in 2006. “I feel like my stance on Van Halen has been so solicited, as in the telephone game”, he says. “People are like, ‘Oh, don’t mention Van Halen. He hates Van Halen!’ It’s like, ‘That’s my fucking name! Why would I hate him? He’s my dad! I love my dad! I was in that fucking band! I don’t hate him at all.’

“All I said was that I don’t want to play Van Halen music at Mammoth concerts,” he added. “I’d rather bomb with my own stuff [than] attract attention to play daddy.”

Mammoth WVH will launch a series of international dates on November 1 in Hamburg, Germany.

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