Lindsey Buckingham’s ‘compromise’ after leaving Fleetwood Mac

Lindsey Buckingham says the challenges that came with the success of Fleetwood Mac’s groundbreaking album Rumors helped him understand the compromise he had to live with after being fired in 2018.

The 1977 LP provided proof of the group’s creative abilities, but it also shed light on their notoriously complex personal relationships – and this offered an opportunity to grow, Buckingham said in an interview with Shock.

“I think the search for change is ingrained in me,” he said, “but… I think the idea of ​​taking risks, of trying to look for things outside of your comfort zone, and the aspiration to continue to be an artist, came from the days of Rumors and defense. Rumors was such a commercial success that it became more about the subtext, our personal lives, than the music.

“When you find yourself in that kind of position,” Buckingham added, “you are about to make a choice: you are either going to follow through on the expectations that are now placed on you by the outside world or you are trying to undermine that. and try to remember who you are as a musician, artist, and writer – and why you got into this in the first place. “

Buckingham says that after leaving Fleetwood Mac he realized that “we were the kind of band that didn’t belong – on paper – to the same band together. But that’s what made us so effective. There was a synergy there, where the whole became more than the sum of its parts. What happens is you start to understand this and accept it as a gift.

These lessons have moved him forward since returning to work solo. “Fleetwood Mac is this big machine, and my solo efforts are this little machine,” Buckingham said. “Within Fleetwood Mac, the politics basically dictated that we haven’t made new music in a while, but as a solo artist I don’t have to object.

“I’ve always done what I wanted to do, basically,” Buckingham added, “and I think the realization I had to come up with was to be prepared to lose some of the huge audience that Fleetwood Mac has to pursue this.It’s just a compromise that you have to be prepared to make to get things done on your own terms.

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