Lindsey Buckingham, ‘Lindsey Buckingham’: Album Review

For much of the past 40 years, Lindsey Buckingham has had to divide her time between Fleetwood Mac and a solo career. In some cases, like with the 2003 Mac album Say you want – the concerts collided, because the singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer abandoned the material intended for his own records for the improvement of the records of the group.

But since his ousting from the band in 2018 (and a heart attack that followed), Buckingham has apparently had more free time to work on solo music. In some ways, these recent changes reflect a fresh start, if the eponymous track from her seventh album is any indication. But don’t look for an extreme change in musical direction here: Lindsey Buckingham isn’t the same eccentric pop he’s delivered since his former bandmates let him go wild in the 1979s Defense.

Beginning with the squeaky “Scream”, the songs are often scattered, deceptively uplifting, and much like his contributions to Fleetwood Mac’s classic record series of the ’70s and’ 80s. There are ping-pong vocal harmonies (” I Don’t Mind “), ballads inspired by doo-wop (” Blind Love “), synth-assisted flashbacks reminiscent of his solo debut in 1981 Law and order (“Blue Light”) and melancholy odes to California (“Santa Rosa”).

Buckingham even addresses his former bandmates on “On the Wrong Side”: “Every now and then I fall / Every now and then I get up / When my back is against the wall / It’s just sometimes that I compromise … / Time rolls on the road / Love rises in a Hearse / We were young, and now we are old.“It’s easy to read similar sentiments in ‘Swan Song’.

There is a feeling of new freedom on Lindsey Buckingham that was missing in 2011 The seeds we sow and the collaboration record 2017 Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie it was supposed to be a Fleetwood Mac album before Stevie Nicks went her own way. Working alone now, Buckingham no longer needs to curb his more extravagant impulses, which could sometimes use up some of Fleetwood Mac’s business acumen. But his release here is above all exhilarating.

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