Lidl is launching a range of school uniforms in stores next week and prices start at £1.50

LIDL is launching cheap school uniforms that you can buy next week in stores.

Many supermarkets have been fighting to sell the cheapest school uniforms before the start of the next school year.


Many parents are looking for school uniforms at the end of the holidaysCredit: Getty

Many parents will be looking for the cheapest school uniforms on sale as they think about the end of summer vacation.

Following a government rule change, school uniform prices are supposed to cost much less than before.

The Department for Education said parents could save £50 by buying a uniform from any store, rather than a specialist store.

But the costs of a full uniform can still easily add up, so it’s no wonder many parents want to find the cheapest option.

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Lidl is the latest store to launch its new collection of school uniforms – and it goes on sale next week alongside school jumpers for just £1.50.

You will need to go to your local store however – Lidl does not deliver yet, so you cannot buy online.

The range is called Smart Start and the items will be available for purchase from Thursday 28th July.

At least you won’t have to worry about delivery costs for your orders – something to bear in mind if you have a scout in other supermarkets.

The Lidl range includes the following items:

  • 2 pack polo shirts – £1.75 (white/blue)
  • Trousers/skirts/shorts – £1.75 (grey/black)
  • Sweaters – £1.50 (red/black)
  • Cardigans – £2.99 (red/black)
  • Set of 2 dresses – €6.99 (grey/black)

The range is aimed at children from 4 to 12 years old, but the black dresses only fit up to 9 years old.

Items are subject to availability and stock will likely sell out quickly – but you can always call your Lidl corner store to check what is available to avoid unnecessary travel.

Where can I buy a cheap uniform?

If you want to shop around, there are other cheap similar uniforms on sale elsewhere.

For example, Aldi offers a Specialbuy package.

Its range includes £1.50 sweatshirts, £1.75 two-pack polo shirts and £1.75 trousers or skirts.

But you’ll have to be quick, because the bundle is a special buy, so once the items are gone, they’re gone.

You’ll also need to factor in delivery costs if you’re ordering online – this could increase the price, especially if you live further afield.

You can find your nearest Aldi store here.

Prices should remain the same regardless of size, and these uniforms are suitable for children ages 4-12.

There is also Tesco’s range of F&F uniforms, which is not available online. This means that you will have to go to the nearest store.

The prices are as follows:

  • Two packs of regular pants – from £7
  • Set of two pleated skirts – from £7
  • Two Pack V-Neck Sweaters – from £6
  • Pack of two short-sleeved shirts – from £3
  • Pack of two unisex polo shirts – from £2.50

Sainsbury’s TU clothing range is available online or in store.

The prices are as follows:

  • Pack of 2 polo shirts – £3
  • 2 Pack Pleated Skirts – £7
  • Gray trousers – £7
  • Unisex V-Neck Jumper – £7
  • 3 Pack White Shirts – £4

You can browse more uniform prices here.

What other help can I get to buy a school uniform?

You may be able to apply for financial assistance this summer in anticipation of the children returning to school.

In addition to the cost of living payment of £650, your local council offering up to £150 to help pay for school uniforms.

The School Clothing Scholarship is available to those in Scotland as a cash scholarship paid directly into your account.

Here are the two cash payments available:

  • £120 per child of primary school age
  • £150 per child of secondary school age

You must apply to your town hall, which you can find using the government locator tool. You will only have to enter your postal code.

You will need to prove some sort of financial hardship which may require a recent bank statement.

If not, it might help if you receive tax credits.

Additionally, some charities provide grants to help cover education costs.

But keep in mind that they often have a limited amount of money to give away and usually have specific criteria that must be met to get a grant.

For example, members of the Unison union can access grants from between £50 and £150 if they meet other income criteria.

And struggling parents who work in supermarkets can apply for a £150 grant to help pay for school uniforms.

Alternatively, the charity Turn2Us has a free grant finder so you can find out what help is available to you.

You can also apply for free school meals before the start of terms so you don’t have to worry about rising food costs.

Applying means you will also get help during the holidays when your little ones are out of school.


  • Summer 2022
  • Midterm October 2022
  • Christmas 2022
  • Mid-term February 2023
  • Easter 2023

Remember that you may need to receive tax credits to get this grant, but you can discuss your options with your local council.

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If you’re still struggling to find uniforms, remember that Facebook Marketplace is a great option to start looking.

Uniforms will be cheap or, in some cases, free. You may also be able to purchase classroom essentials.

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