Lidl and Home Bargains shoppers are raving about a £2.49 item perfect for the summer holidays

Keeping children busy during the summer months is most parents’ dream goal, so imagine being able to achieve it for just a few pounds.

Well, that’s exactly what Lidl and Home Bargains are offering stressed mums and dads with their latest must-have offer: a sandbox. It can be put together with a child-friendly sandbag that a shopper found in the middle of Lidl for just £2.49 and a £4.99 container currently on sale in Home Bargains.

Home Bargains also sells its own – albeit smaller – sandboxes for even less than that. A customer felt she had seen them on the shelves for £4.99, reports MEN.

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Posting on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains webpage, a Lidl customer explained how she also came across a large shell for £7.99 that you can put the sand in. Kelly Jones said: “In the middle of Lidl! Large sand/water shell £7.99 15kg bags of sand suitable for children £2.49 (I think)!

“A bargain in my eyes – I realize they are probably cheaper elsewhere but as Lidl is my local store for me it was a good price.” The post racked up comments, likes and shares, with everyone agreeing what a great deal it is.

Haze Evans said: “We need sand for the center and it looks like a good price.” Cara Moore wrote: ‘Home Bargains has them for £5 but they are a bit smaller than Lidl’s is a better size.

Kelly Jones said: “Seashells are 4.99 at home bargains. Got 2 for my little one last week.” Victoria Greaves commented: “I believe those shells at Lidl are bigger than the ones the bargains had back home.”

While some rushed to buy them for their kids, others went shopping for their pooches. Wendy Townsend commented, “Might be worth buying for dogs in the summer.”

Catherine Holmes chimed in, saying: “These are great paddling pools for your dog.”

You can buy the items from Home Bargains and Lidl stores now.

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