Legacy: 10 Plot Holes That Make No Sense

After four seasonsLegacy just reached the series finale and with it, The Vampire Diaries The universe has come to an end. It’s undeniably a bittersweet ending, not just because it completes a beloved franchise, but also because of Legacy’ sudden cancellation.

The show took place two years after the events of its predecessor, The originals, and that followed Hope Mikaelson as she attempted to navigate tribride life at Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted. Legacy managed to put a spin on the supernatural world of the trilogy, but fans couldn’t help but notice several plot holes that made no sense and seemed to undermine the series.


Everyone forgot that Alaric is dead

Long before Legacy was born, Alaric was just a humble history teacher turned vampire hunter living in Mystic Falls. His job had many dangers that caught up with him in season 3 of The Vampire Diaries when Esther Mikaelson transformed him into an original vampire. He died then and in real vampire diary mode, he was resurrected a few years later and turned back into a human.

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The people of Mystic Falls were well aware of the history teacher’s passing, so it would make sense for Alaric to avoid the town as much as possible. But in season 2 of Legacy, he freely enters Mystic Falls High and serves as the school’s principal. So, has everyone in Mystic Falls forgotten he’s dead? And how did he cover the death gaps in his resume?

The lack of teachers

The Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted seems to be anything but a school. Even though all students are supernaturally gifted in one way or another, they are still children. Yet they are always the ones who have to fight monster after monster because the adults never seem to be around.

The only adults in the entire show are Alaric, the school principal, Emma, ​​the student counselor, and Dorian who appears to be the only one teaching. But given that Emma and Dorian left the show pretty early, it doesn’t make sense that the Salvatore School is still operating as a school without teachers.

The absence of Hope’s loved ones

The originals Freya, Rebekah, Kol and Elijah meet Hope for the first time

Hope Mikaelson comes from a very powerful family. Despite the death of her parents and uncle, she still has an abundance of powerful relatives who are uncharacteristically never around. fans of The originals know very well that the Mikalesons never turn their backs on their old vow to stay together “always and forever”. Yet none of them are there when their niece is confronted by monsters or even gods. They only appear a handful of times and even then they do next to nothing to help.

Even when Hope strategizes to attack Ken, a literal god, she doesn’t even consider asking her family for help. She could have had two original vampires, a millennial witch, an entire pack of werewolves who transform at will, and an enhanced original vampire with no known weaknesses fighting alongside her. But instead, she chose to fight alongside her teenage friends and her 50-year-old school principal, which undeniably lowered her chances of winning significantly.

Black magic and its effects

Dark Josie from Legacy

Some of the greatest The Vampire Diaries facts that keep being contradicted are the effects of using black magic and Legacy changed that even more. Previously, some of the characters who used dark magic suffered no consequences while others ended up dying because of it.

But when Josie started doing dark spells, dark magic started charging into her until she developed an evil alter ego that tried to destroy the school and kill her own sister. The writers of Legacy had mountains of content on the magic of previous parts of The Vampire Diaries franchise, so it didn’t make sense to change its effects so much.

Caroline’s absence

Despite his brief appearance in Legacy series finale, fans wondered why Caroline was absent for almost the entire show. Caroline Forbes was one of the best characters in The Vampire Diaries and fans were excited about the prospect of seeing her again in Legacybut season after season passed and she was always gone.

It was mentioned that Caroline went to Europe to find a way to save the twins because as descendants of the Gemini coven they would inevitably have to do “the fusion” which would kill one of them. However, there were several occasions when Caroline’s absence made no sense. Alaric fell into a coma, Josie almost destroyed the school, her daughters were fighting monsters, and Caroline was still gone. Not to mention that when Lizzie became a vampire, it meant the fusion was redundant, so it didn’t make sense that Caroline was still looking for a solution.

Lizzie’s father Bond To Hope

Lizzie Legacy

The concept of paternal ties was first introduced in The Vampire Diaries and it was essentially a supernatural bond of loyalty based on gratitude to a vampire or the father of a hybrid. Previously, hybrids felt loyal to Klaus because he freed them from their werewolf curse. During this time, Elena formed a father bond with Damon because she was grateful that his blood had transformed her and saved her life.

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But Hope didn’t free Lizzie from a curse and it’s unlikely Lizzie felt grateful to Hope considering she was the one who killed her. Plus, how Lizzie severed her bond with her dad made even less sense. The hybrids had to turn around a hundred times until they no longer felt grateful as Elena had to turn off her humanity. But, Lizzie didn’t even have to do anything and her father bond broke without any difficulty.

The powers of hope

Hope Mikaelson is undeniably one of the most powerful witches in The Vampire Diaries universe. Not only that, but thanks to her parents, she is both a vampire and a werewolf, making her the only tribrid creature and the most powerful in the world. But his powers are very inconsistent.

Things like his super-hearing come and go when it suits you. For example, in one instance, she relied on Roman to hear Josie from across the room, but in another episode, she is able to hear a man’s heartbeat easily. Meanwhile, her combat abilities change every other episode. Sometimes she wins fights without any difficulty and other times she is outmatched by the most unlikely opponents.

Never mention Hayley

photos in the room of hope in Legacies

As much as everyone loved seeing Klaus again in the Legacy series finale, the truth is that Hope didn’t know her father very well. In The originals, Hope didn’t even really meet Klaus until he was released from captivity when she was 7 years old. And then, a few months later, Klaus took a piece of the hollow and had to move halfway around the world. They did not see each other again until the age of 13 and their reunion was interrupted by the sudden death of Klaus.

But all the while, the one person who was constantly present in her life was her mother Hayley. So it seems unlikely that Hope feels closer to her father and misses her more than her mother. The fact that in all four seasons Hope never directly mentions Hayley makes no sense. Not only that, but Hope keeps framed photos of her family in her dorm, and even there her mother is nowhere to be found.

All about the triad

The Triad was created a thousand years ago when a vampire, a witch, and a werewolf came together to create Malivore, a creature capable of ridding the world of all monsters. Later, the Triad became a secret society of werewolves, vampires, and witches that aimed to keep the supernatural world a secret from humans.

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But this story has many intrigues. For starters, fans learned in The originals that the Mikaelsons became the first vampires a thousand years ago, but didn’t begin to change people until much later. This means that when the Triad was formed, vampires were a new and fairly rare species, so it doesn’t make sense for the werewolves to consider them important enough and include them in their alliance. Additionally, the Triad came after Hope because she believed her tribrid nature made her an abomination. But if so, then they probably thought the same about Klaus becoming a hybrid and it was never explained why they didn’t go after him.

The scenario of the gods

Hope Legacies Ken Fight Beaten

It’s understandable that when the protagonist is truly powerful, the villains they face must be equally strong or at least powerful enough to be considered a threat or else the suspense is cut short. In this way, as Legacy is centered around a witch/werewolf/vampire tribride, the series’ villains somehow had to be able to go against her and stand a chance. But the story of the gods in Season 4 was messy and didn’t really make sense.

Not only the gods in Legacy all come from different mythologies but their powers were equally inconsistent. As strong as the main characters were, it seemed unlikely that a group of teenage vampires and witches could defeat Ken, the father of all gods who was supposed to be the most powerful deity in existence.

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