Late grandma panties will be thrown at Tom Jones during his Cardiff gig

The granddaughter of late Tom Jones super fan will bring her panties to Saturday’s concert in Cardiff in hopes they’ll land on stage with him. Kirsty Graham from Caerphilly was extremely close to her nanny Helen Gauntlett who died in February 2021 and wanted to take her to the gig in spirit.

The 34-year-old said she pulled out one of her nanny’s best panties to toss it upstage when Sir Tom Jones appears for his set, just like Helen would have. Kirsty wrote on the pants in all caps, “These are my grandma’s (clean) knickers. She’s watching from heaven, but left them tossed on Tom. Please bring them to her.” She said she also wanted to start the hashtag #GetNanasKnickerstoTom to encourage people in the crowd to help her.

In a Facebook post, she urged anyone in front of her to “get them as far as possible”, writing, “I know if she was here she would swing her panties for Tom…she loved him and loved him. kissed in a phone booth in Ponty when she was 14.”

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The singing superstar has long known the craze of having underwear thrown on stage wherever he performs in concert. In an interview with the Guardian in 2021, he said: “Panty throwing started at the Copacabana in New York in 1968. It was a supper club, so the ladies would hand me napkins to wipe my forehead and then this wife decided to take it a step further and she got up and took her underwear off. She lifted everything up and took off her panties and handed them to me. I said, “Thank you very much”, then I wiped my brow and said, ‘Catch cold,’ and returned them.’

Kirsty said she was Helen’s first grandchild, going on to have 10 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren in total. The couple had an inseparable bond, with Kirsty describing her as the “best woman who ever lived”.

“My grandma was a huge Tom fan, she sadly passed away in February 2021 and it shook everyone up,” Kirsty told WalesOnline. “She had just turned 75 when she died. She was the bravest woman ever. She had lung cancer and she didn’t even moan, she took it all in her stride and she died in my arms.

“She always called me her little princess and I’m the farthest from a princess you can imagine, but to my grandmother I was a princess and I wasn’t going to argue with her. She was a motherfucker. She loved a Rollie and loved watching soap operas, she was so funny and cheeky. She was the best woman who ever lived and I miss her so, so much.”

Helen holding Kirsty like a baby

Helen Gauntlett of Caerphilly
Helen Gauntlett of Caerphilly

Although Helen has never watched Tom perform live, Kirsty said she regularly sings his hits, her favorites being Delilah and You Are My World. But Kirsty said that aside from Tom’s signature music, there may have been a more personal reason why her nan was a die-hard fan.

She said: “She always told me that when she was 14 she kissed him in a phone booth in Ponty. I always believed her but a lot of people didn’t because you know at what the nans look like with their stories. She confirmed that however, she was adamant.”

Kirsty and Helen
Kirsty and Helen

Kirsty said she wanted other people in the crowd to help her put the pants back on Tom
Kirsty said she wanted other people in the crowd to help her put the pants back on Tom

Kirsty said throwing a pair of her pants at Tom Jones was exactly what Helen would have wanted. Kirsty even believes her nanny waved her approval for the plan.

She said: “I took all his clothes when she passed by and kept them. When we booked Tom in December when it was canceled I went to his grave and told him everything. I know just that if she was here with us she would be here shaking her hips and swinging her panties and she would want to throw them at Tom so that’s my focus today We played her song Green Green Grass of Home to her funeral and then when I was writing on her panties, it was on the radio.”

Kirsty will be present at the show tonight Saturday June 18 at the Stade de la Principality with her fiancé and her cousins. The Stereophonics will headline the show along with Tom and other Welsh artists.

Kirsty said she was extremely close to her nanny
Kirsty said she was extremely close to her nanny

“I don’t even care about Stereophonics, we’re just going to see Tom for my grandma,” Kirsty said. “I’m in the upper block. As soon as Tom comes in, I’m going to throw them as far as I can and hope people keep throwing them and they get to Tom – or at least Tom hears about it.”

Kirsty said she wanted to assure Tom Jones that she had chosen her nanny’s best pants to throw at him. She said: “Of all the panties she had, I had to make sure I picked her best Marks & Spencer or she’d smack my ass. She was quite particular about her panties.”

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