Larissa in bikini says plastic surgery looks like iPhone upgrade

Larissa Lima looks unrecognizable in her new Instagram post. The 90 Day Fiance legend also compares to an iPhone because of its love of upgrades.

Those who watched Larissa Lima, from her 90 day fiancé season 6 days at his current company OnlyFans, have noticed some “largeThe Brazilian woman changes, and now she likens her plastic surgery to an iPhone upgrade. Larissa has left her ex-husband Colt Johnson and she is no longer on the TLC show. After a shocking announcement about her latest breakup with Eric Nichols, Larissa has returned to her first love, which is plastic surgery. In his latest Instagram post, the former 90 day fiancé star compares her body to a smartphone while wearing a skinny bikini.

Some 90 day fiancé The stars get revenge after ruined relationships by going to the gym, but Larissa has taken the ‘body of revenge’ thing a step higher than the other reality stars in the franchise. As soon as her divorce from Colt relieved her of worry and emotional pain, the TLC starlet began a journey where she attempted to turn into Kylie Jenner. Changes like hair extensions and veneers quickly turned into a full-fledged $ 72,000 makeover. As 90 day fiancé viewers may recall that Larissa cried after the failure of her GoFundMe campaign, but her new “version” is laughing all the way to the bank. Cameo requests from her TLC fan club meant Larissa had enough dough to fuel her plastic surgery fetish. There was the infamous CamSoda oil show, which reportedly grossed Colt’s ex $ 100,000. While TLC has not quite give Larissa Lima the well done for her adult entertainment work, she 90 day fiancé the fans seem to be riding it all.

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Larissa, a Colorado resident, whose full-time job is OnlyFans, posted a series of “a-peelingPhotos of herself in a bikini on Instagram. One of the Larissa Lima The Insta posts, which garnered thousands of likes in seconds, had an ironic caption. While labeling her plastic surgeon, Dr Lane Smith (the man behind his remarkable transformation), Larissa wrote: “upgrade like new iPhone. »The reality TV star 90 day fiancé fans were quick to jump in with their comments and reactions, ranging from rows of fiery emojis to eye emojis that “stared” at her hourglass figure. See his message below:

Larissa Lima iPhone plastic surgery in 90 day fiancé

The TLC star has often been called out for having body dysmorphia, and the disorder could prompt her to choose a life of pinches and tucks. However, her fans don’t seem to mind, as long as the bikini photos keep coming.Love how open you are! Always do what makes you feel as good on the outside as it is on the inside», Typed a supporter, flattering the ex-90 day fiancé Star. Another follower remarked that Larissa “looks like an anime character. “

Interestingly, the many versions of Larissa Lima that fans have seen over the years have been nothing short of shocking upgrades. A simple before and after of Larissa’s plastic surgery transformation is sure to shame the improvements in the iPhone. When it comes to entering the maximum number of eyeballs on the internet, this 90 day fiancé icon is definitely a pro.

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Source: Larissa Lima Dos Santos/ Instagram


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