Larissa calls Elizabeth’s Bad OnlyFans pics

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star Larissa Santos Lima called Elizabeth Castravet’s OnlyFans pics after fan reaction.

90 Day Fiancé: Forever? Star Larissa Santos Lima called Elizabeth Castravet’s gruesome OnlyFans photos after fan backlash. Elizabeth has been dragged along by fans for her inappropriate posts. Larissa has never held back her opinions since entering the scene, letting it be known “whoever is against the queen will die.”

Recently, Larissa was fired from the network because of her supersexualized videos and photos on CamSoda, where she spent an hour pouring oil on her body. Fans were immediately annoyed and found TLC to be hypocritical as many of the others 90 day fiancé the stars also posted questionable photographs. Deavan Clegg was opened with his account, often showing off her breasts. Elizabeth also showed herself her breasts and buttocks. The main question for fans is why should one star be fired but the others stay safe?

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Larissa and Elizabeth don’t have much in common other than the fact that they were both stars on the hit show TLC and both have posted photos on OnlyFans. Elizabeth had to answer why she posted pictures of herself in big underwear and one with her tampon string hanging down. The shameless clickbait struck a chord with Larissa who made a living from her professional photos. Larissa took to her Instagram to let the mother of one of them know exactly what she thought of the photographs.

In one of her Instagram stories, Larissa wrote: “Watch out for strippers and sex workers you disrespected. You’re a hypocrite. A tampon string hanging between your thighs and pictures of your stupid ass in granny panties. Watch out for people. same ones that you spit on but try to imitate with these asexual photos. Maybe you’ll win a few bucks. ” The Brazilian added that “Certainly OF is not for everyone. But everyone can play for a while. Proud to do my best and to be who I am without hypocrisy: always. #Stillaflop.”

While Larissa has lost her place in any franchise, many TLC fans are calling Deavan, Elizabeth and everyone else who is doing the same. way to lose their contracts too. The show was once a family-owned franchise and the network is known to have strict morals, but many feel their qualms flew to make money.

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