Keeping Justin Holiday makes sense despite trade rumors

With the Indiana Pacers having one of their most disappointing seasons in recent memory, fans and pundits alike expect the franchise to shift gears for once and be active in the trade market, especially with the looming trade deadline.

A player who was overlooked in the trade panel behind his flashiest teammates is a veteran Justin’s Vacation, who has again been one of the Pacers’ most reliable hands this season. Despite almost changing roles in the evenings, the swingman remains one of the strongest role players on the team.

With his mix of veteran leadership, experience, high-volume three-point shooting and pesky perimeter defense, it’s no surprise that many teams, especially those in contention, should be chasing the veteran. As he enters free agency this summer, Indiana has reportedly made him available for trade.

The Indiana Pacers could still keep Justin Holiday

The Indiana Pacers could be about to make a tough call with Justin Holiday. While the front office could easily endorse him as a business chip and get strong returns for his services from another, he has made it clear on several occasions that he wants to stay in Indianapolis, despite the franchise’s leadership.

The dilemma works its way into the equation here as the Pacers are in a unique position where they’ve insisted a rebuild from scratch is out of the question, for better or worse. As they try to retool on the fly, the front office could do a lot worse than retain Holiday, who is a very useful player and shouldn’t cost much in free agency. Indiana also has the internal familiarity advantage for the veteran as the first franchise to sign him to a multi-year contract.

Also, experienced players like Holiday usually chase rings at this point, but that might not be at the top of his priority list considering he already has a title to his name, being part of the 2015 Golden State Warriors team that won the championship. .

Bench players who could easily slip into a starting role are easy targets for contract negotiations. Holiday is one of those products that should have plenty of suitors as a second-unit gunner and secondary defenseman, but again, the Pacers are in a good position to make a good offer and keep him in free agency.

Ultimately, if Indiana fails to secure its sought-after asset for the services of Justin Holiday this season, which would come in the form of at least two second-round picks, the Pacers should seriously consider bringing him back then. that they try to conduct a better bid in future seasons to come.

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