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JJAB booth at a previous Pride event on the back lawn of Fuller Lodge. Courtesy / LA Pride

From JJAB staff:

What does pride mean for Los Alamos JJAB? (connect)

“LGBTQ + youth have higher rates of serious thoughts and suicide attempts, and report higher levels of feelings of sadness and hopelessness Project Trevor Youth Report 2019). The goal of Los Alamos JJAB is to surround the youth of our community with support, offering them various programs focused on prevention and early intervention. These programs are essential in helping ALL youth and are inclusive for LGBTQ + youth and their families. It is important that we recognize and celebrate Pride this month, but also throughout the year, ensuring that we affirm that LGTBQ + youth have a supportive community, knowing that they belong and can s ‘flourish. –JJAB Executive Director Lisa Zuhn

“I think part of what pride means for JJAB is to help parents understand and embrace the children they have, especially when their child’s identity is different from what they expected or expected. had planned. This is true in many ways, but it obviously includes supporting parents whose child has come out to them or has shown signs that make parents wonder if they can be gay. Often parents want to fully support their child but don’t think they have society’s permission to do so. They fear not doing their job as parents when they let go of religious or cultural beliefs that have taught them that diversity in sexual orientation or gender identity is bad. I like helping parents focus their attention on their child’s mental health, socio-emotional development, and happiness rather than meeting expectations. We know that embracing your own sexual orientation and gender identity is a big part of being healthy and happy and is therefore embraced for those identities by those close to you (rather than just tolerated). I have sometimes found myself saying, “One thing we know is that no matter who your child is, they will benefit from your love and celebration as they currently are.” –JJAB Resources Specialist Tara Adams

“Pride for Me is a celebration that emphasizes the most important values ​​we should all share as human beings: the dignity and worth of a person. As human beings and members of this community, we must treat each other with kindness and respect. We need to be aware of individual differences in culture and ethnicity. We are all responsible for promoting and supporting every member of our society who is vulnerable or oppressed. I believe pride strengthens relationships between people. It is a determined effort to promote, restore, maintain and improve the well-being of individuals, families, social groups and our community. –JJAB Resources Specialist Christine Martinez

“Protecting and celebrating LGBTQ + youth is an integral part of what we do at JJAB, inseparable from our constitution as an organization. At JJAB, our mission is to surround young people with support and resources that will help them thrive. So when we work with a young person who identifies as LGBTQ + or questions their gender or sexuality, we connect them to activities, organizations and mental health. supports that will help them flourish in their identity and community. As someone who grew up without LGBTQ + resources, I am infinitely happy to know that the youth of Los Alamos will not only be reflected in the activities of Pride, but CELEBRATED. We love you, LGBTQ + Los Alamos! “-JJAB Resource Assistant / One Circle Coordinator Luke Eigelbach

Los Alamos JJAB partners with other community organizations to address concerns about youth and family issues by offering one-on-one case management, parenting workshops, youth activities, and free classes / training. .

Do you have your own pride story? What does pride mean to you and how has pride impacted your life? Friends of Los Alamos Pride want to hear your stories!

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