‘It’s time to start traveling again’: young people on Covid holiday rules | Coronavirus

Bbeing fully vaccinated seems likely to increase the chances of traveling abroad this summer. Boris Johnson said this week he is convinced the double hits will be a “liberator” and has not ruled out they could allow a vacation abroad without a quarantine.

However, most of the under 30s only received one hit. Four young people share their feelings about their chances of going on a trip abroad.

“We made a lot of sacrifices but we have no advantage”

Remy Haggard, 26, London

For Remy Haggard, a 26-year-old risk and intelligence analyst in London, the focus on travel vaccinations is misplaced. Double vaccine requirements discriminate against young people, he says. “The least vulnerable, again, have to wait the longest and suffer the most setbacks in terms of opportunities.”

Instead, he believes testing should be a priority and mandatory for all travelers, vaccinated or not. “There have been a lot of mixed messages about the transmission. People who have been vaccinated can still carry variants. And testing should be affordable and regulated, and not performed by rogue private companies. “

Haggard also believes the pandemic has reinforced generational divisions. “As millennials, usually living in shared apartments, with relatively low incomes, we haven’t had some of the privileges of our parent’s generation, people who bought their homes much cheaper 30 years ago and who now have homes to work in, ”he says. “We made a lot of sacrifices, but we didn’t get any of the benefits. “

‘This is incredibly unfair on young people ‘

Because she suffers from an underlying health condition, Georgia Bevan, 22, is fully vaccinated, but her boyfriend and friends are not, which means a vacation abroad is likely to come. exclude for this summer.

“I fully understand the rationale behind allowing those who have received both vaccines to escape quarantine upon arrival, but it seems incredibly unfair to those who have not been fortunate enough to receive their second vaccine, ”she says. “Young people have been neglected everywhere, especially students. They missed so many experiences and their mental health took its toll. “

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