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HHow do you solve a problem like your leading man in an action movie that’s almost 80 years old and probably just can’t get under those rolling rocks like he once did? For the new movie Indiana Jones from the 1960s, once again starring Harrison Ford as the aging adventurer and disruptor of ancient tombs, there are rumors that the answer could be time travel.

Fans this week have been made aware of suggestions that Indy will return to Roman times, as recent film footage suggests, though, of course, he could well be on the 1960s Hollywood set of a epic of swords and sandals. Then again, there was also this video, released in June, suggesting that the archaeologist will face the Nazis again, despite the end of World War II more than two decades earlier.

Could Indy be on the hunt for a mysterious new MacGuffin that allows for trips down memory lane in the James Mangold movie? It would both explain the apparent scenes from two very different eras and give the director the opportunity to introduce our hero meeting a younger, digitally aged version of himself.

And yet, it remains to be seen how Mangold would present the transition from an almost octogenarian Ford to a version played by the actor via the capture of “ghost” movements (if not, what’s the point?). It’s certainly not beyond the possibilities: we’ve seen actors resurrected (Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars: Rogue One) and even films in which the main actors have been digitally aged during the Most runtime (The Irishman). Mangold could even kill Indy Prime, while keeping the young Indy for future episodes, although it has to be assumed that even the famous, self-confident Ford will be ready to step down from his role at some point.

Another set photo appeared earlier in June showing a stuntman on the set of Indy 5 who appeared to be wearing a Harrison Ford mask. Perhaps this is a new method of digital aging that we have yet to come across. Or maybe someone out there is laughing with the paparazzi who keep capturing this stuff. Presumably, if successful impersonation could be achieved by pulling a shitty rendition of someone else’s face, we would all be able to watch Bruce Lee’s famous lost movie Game of Death (which s) is finished, terribly, after the fight – the death of a legend of the arts) without having to look for the sick bag.

Frankly, whatever Mangold does, it smacks of desperation. Time travel pretty much functioned as a narrative switcheroo in 2009’s Star Trek, despite protests from longtime space saga fans, as it’s a staple of sci-fi. And the supernatural elements of the early Indiana Jones films worked because the Nazis were really obsessed with occult objects. The idea that Indy and her rivals in the Third Reich might be competing to hunt antiques such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail made perfect sense for period pieces set in the era. classic pulp-fantasy.

But no one really liked Indiana Jones’ most recent film Kingdom of the Crystal Skull from 2008, starring a relatively young 66-year-old Ford – in part because the Soviet Union wasn’t exactly known. for being obsessed with aliens (as Cate Blanchett’s infamous Irina Spalko obviously is). Why try the trick again 13 years later when the obvious answer is to recast the role or remove the franchise?

Mangold himself claims opponents have yet to see the final cut of Indy 5. “I understand the mistrust, I live it. I don’t know if I’m going to make you happy, but my team and I are going to knock ourselves out trying to do something right, ”he wrote on Twitter in June. “We admire the craftsmanship of the originals. Hope when you see real pictures it looks better to you than paparazzi shots taken in bushes. Maybe, just maybe, I won’t let you down. I cherish old Hollywood photos. Give me some air to make the movie. Then make your judgments, okay? “

This is a fair point. And maybe in 2023, thanks to the power of digital magic (alongside time travel and a great story), we could still see a fifth Indiana Jones film that stands proudly in the pantheon. Otherwise, it would be better if it was a really smart mask.

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