Intence Shades Vybz Kartel, Jahshii & More In New Song ‘Correction’

Yeng Badness deejay Intence came out swinging in his new single produced by Crash Dummy and Futuristic Music Correction. While the deejay says “we’re not calling names”, he took aim at several Dancehall artists in the song, some of which are said to be Jahshii, Vybz Kartel and Sikka Rymes.

Intent masked a large number of individuals, namely “Dah a deh bad fi committed suicide,” who appears to be Jahshii, who in a 2021 interview with TVJ’s Entertainment Report admitted to accidentally shooting himself.

He bragged about it “No boy can’t give me the cat weh nah fvck suh uno buil”to add “Laugh after dem, ha ha ha ha ha, a nuh make me uno naa get nuh pun na na naa which would target Vybz Kartel, who is incarcerated and apparently has no sex life. Intence also did similar dissertations to the Worl’ Boss in earlier tracks. (ref. Ravaged with IWaata).

In another verse, the paradise passport DJ says: “Dem couldn’t make me mad, I was never mean to a Liguanea,” who many speculate is Sikka Rymes, who was shot and wounded by unknown assailants in the vicinity of Liguanea in 2019.

Intence mentions others, such as “Dah a bad movie ahead ah,” and “Dah a deh dead and bury, yo ah who remembers him?” but refrains from calling names. “Wi nuh haffi call nuh name, head could a big, di cap a fit,” he sings.

More of Intence’s new release offers nostalgic harmonies on the hook, while the Jerro Will-directed music video captures the artist in his territory among his crew as he nonchalantly throws his disses.

Fans are thrilled that whoever the “cap fit” is coming back with counter action soon.

“This song shows so much intelligence. 😩. So many people blatantly screamed subliminally. Kartel is going to rub it mean. Clash a get nice. Notice the pob trend. Watch how the man opposes the songs in the mix. Maybe we get together and save our music,” said one fan.

Another said: “When the student gives a correction to the teacher 🔥”, and this person added: “Long time I don’t hear a diss song well put together and delivered like this 👍🏾👍🏾.”

Others put the puzzle pieces together: “Dah a deh bad fi shot himself ‘Jashii nah tek dat💀🤣🤣🤣’ and ‘This one’s a real diss to Vybz Kartel – Intence you never disappoint your fans with good music keep up the good work.

“Bowy I can’t stop playing this song jah know 🤣 problem start now!” said another.

Press play on Intence’s new track Correction above.

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