Huge spike in people buying RVs after lockdown

The end of the lockdown has seen a huge increase in interest in motorhome vacations in the UK – with a 621% increase in funding for one model.

British holidaymakers are gearing up for a summer vacation, according to new data released today by one of the UK’s leading car finance companies.

The number of Volkswagen California motorhomes funded by VWFS increased by 621% from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021.

The study shows that, with overseas travel having been limited for several months, UK holidaymakers are committing to travel within the country this year.

According to VWFS data, almost half of Britons (47%) say they are likely to drive to a UK holiday destination this summer, while more than a quarter of those polled ( 27%) said they plan to drive to a vacation destination abroad. later this year instead of using another method of transportation.

People under 45 are much more likely to drive to the vacation spots of their choice, both at home and abroad. VWFS’s data analysis team found that 60% of those under 45 are content to travel to a holiday this summer, compared to just 38% of those over 45, while those under 45 are also twice as likely (43%) to travel by car to an overseas vacation destination as those over 45 (17%).

Additionally, VWFS research shows that we are a nation of satellite navigation enthusiasts, with two-thirds of Brits (65%) saying they depend on technology when they get to a new place.

Millennials are more likely to need the help of a GPS, with 75% of 18-34 year olds saying they depend on it to get to a new destination. Meanwhile, only 44% of those over 75 say they rely on a GPS.

Comfortable seats were the most important feature for people on a road trip (40%), followed by a satellite navigation system (17%), air conditioning (14%), a large trunk (11%) and a good multimedia system (5%).

Mike Todd, CEO of VWFS, said: “I think it’s fair to say that over the years many of us have taken our British beauty spots for granted, but with overseas vacations being out of the question. About for several months, our study has shown a change in people’s decision-making. Demand for Volkswagen camper vans is booming, and it’s clear that road travel is back in fashion in 2021. There are many wonderful places to explore on these shores, from the beaches of Cornwall to the mountains of the Lake District, and our vehicles are at the heart of unlocking these adventures – especially since two-thirds of us need a GPS to get to a new place. “

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